Pre-season training 2019-11-25 Monday

I prefer to look forward.

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Put it this way, I’d consider Jerrett and Howlett on a similar talent level. but I wouldn’t see how a gamestyle that suits one would suit the other.

Anyway… what do you foresee, gameplan wise?

I’m reminded of my mother’s advice on what to do if you can’t say something nice about one of your examples.

As to gameplan, I’d hope it will be more about contested footy.
We have played games like that.

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Hopefully we’ll start to ‘gel’ with the new gameplan after the bye.

Went to another level this year, clean hands off the deck and in traffic, acceleration, nearly the best set shot from 50. Could stick a few more tackles but that will come.
'2016 Parish is a long way off 2019.


Cutler, Hibberd and Townsend all bring a bit of mobility and size to the table as opposed to one or the other which is what our current midfield balance was the last few years.

We wanted to add a bit of grunt which is quick enough to keep up with the ball and arrive at contests in time to influence them with size.

That extra bit if height also helps in the air around the ground both in drawing the ball and defending the ground.

Hopefully between this lot it means that we can keep guys like Merrett clear of the contest a bit more. More often than not you want Merrett receiving the first possession, not having to win it.

I don’t think they’ll necessarily all play but I do think they make the midfield look a bit more balanced.


I disagree.
I think he had all of those things in 2016.
I’m not saying he’s a bad player, he’s not.

But he played like a top ten draft pick in his first year, and he’s stayed at the level ever since.
Except, as I said, he’s gotten stronger.
Which you’d expect.

There was something stark about 2019. The incredible repeat of an abysmal start to the season; the injuries to key personnel; the confusion over game style; and the nauseating “learnings” after every defeat.

I’m always hopeful of improvement, but I’ll only really start to feel positive when some of the issues above are gone.


Glad we only have to put with his learnings dribble for one more season.

Until the second half of last season I don’t think he’s played the majority of his minutes in his best position since 2016


This is a view I have some sympathy for.

OK, cool.
That’s what I thought you were leading to… you reckon Cutler contributes to that?

4.3 contested possessions a game, career - he’s about as outside as you can possibly get away with.

The ruck depth will help, we threw a big lever when Bellcho went down. { Which, again, was a move of a coach coaching for the day, not for the long term, and again speaks to a club not really sure where it was. }


A big body that can get to a contest doesn’t have to win the ball to positively influence the contest

Tackles a bit for a taller guy, doesn’t he?
He’s a good, solid (in physique and dependability) decent marking player.
I think you could say that about Townsend and Hibberd, too.

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Rule it out, the season is already over


We have just been terrible. Nothing to do with weird or confused.

We have been trying to tell you that for a while now. Good to see you are finally getting on board.

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Sure, fine, as far as it goes.

He’s not ever been a guy who goes to the contest. He’s very, very, very outside. That’s what he does. He’s a hard runner, a good kick, decent overhead, disciplined, but he is as outside as it gets.

All I see here is Blitz convincing itself that an orange is an apple.
Cue outrage when it’s not.

(And, FWIW, I’m pretty happy with him. We need outside runners.)


I think that’s true of Cutler yes but his size in the air will help our midfield and there is no reason to think he couldn’t develop the contested side of his game.

Townsend and Hibberd are very much about adding their size to the contest

Yep. Very outside.

But he is a big lad, and won’t get outsized by too many wingers.

Doesn’t mind tackling. Can take a mark. Can run both ways.


In terms of consistency, I agree, we have been terrible. I still think we have the cattle that is ready to contend soon, just before it’s time for Hooker and Hurley to retire, in 2021 or 2022, and our defence should be able to hold without them by then - we still have Francis, Redman, Saad, BZT and McKenna.