Pre-season training 2019-11-25 Monday

I think you are right. Too many of our younger players have not come on as well as we hoped.
At the end of 2017, we had high hopes for Laverde, Langford, Francis, Parish, Ridley, Begley. Joe was a 23yo star who looked like he would only get better.
All that has dissipated, In addition, I have downgraded my assessment of Hurley, and Hooker is now seemingly on his last legs.
It’s not all gloom. We have Draper in the wings as a potential major improvement to the side. Maybe BZT, but he has a long way to go.
Mozzie, Gown and co are still miles off it.
The recruitment of Smith, Saad, Stringer and Shiel has been a big plus, but the failure of what looked like a very promising group of young players to develop, has offset what looked a very promising list, and put a significant dampener on my expectations of what this group can achieve.


I agree.
We’re in a new period for this list now.
The last one is over.
Like I said, year zero.

I agree.
We’re in a new period for this list now.
The last one is over.
Like I said, year zero.

Worsfold’s first real crack at it.


A great opportunity to learn. Lots of learnings.


How can it possibly be year zero?

Well said. Sums up my feelings to a T. Dunno if we’ve just picked the wrong young players or our development coaches have been ■■■■■?

And on top of the above, the Daniher farce was the straw which broke the camel’s back for me.

Do you mean technically or figuratively?
Technically of course I get that there’s no such thing.

Handover of coaches.
New gameplan seems obvious.
Easing out T-Bell and Hooker and bringing the next gen of talls through.

It’s 2016, my friend.

Having high hopes for young players in 2017 doesn’t mean the 2020 is less solid.
How can you argue for example that Parish is not more accomplished than he was three years ago? Your expectation of him has been tempered but that doesn’t mean the 2020 list is less solid because he hasn’t delivered what you expected.

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Wait and see

imo he’s very similar indeed to where he was three years ago.
I’m sure he’s a little stronger now.

I struggle to draw a line through those three. (In particular, the first two).
What do you foresee?

You don’t think they’re basically tradesmen?
I do, but I welcome other views.

And I don’t mean that in a bad way.
The words, flashy, highly skilled, or fast don’t come to mind with those three players.

Year 0 and gap year?

Disagree, We are full steam ahead to challenge for a top 4 spot IMO and from there who knows.

Joe, Raz, Heppell. Hurley, Smith, Hooker, Belly all had significant issues in regards to injuries last season.

Gap year… It’s a no from me

Realistically we have been 3 games and 15-20% away from the top 4 for the last 3 years, teams make those jumps from year to year all the time, no reason why we can’t do the same.


Sure. On a similar level of ability, hence being available for what we paid.

But gameplan wise, not so much.
Townsend’s very very inside, almost an opposite of Cutler, who’s very very outside.

(In reality, I don’t see any club shifting how they want to play for guys at 35/36/37 on the list)

If that’s true then I’ll be very pleasantly surprised.

I agree with the gist of this.

It’s felt like the club’s been in a weird, confused spot since… 2014?

And this is going to change this year?

No, not just ability, but type as well.
That they play different positions is…well sure, conceded, but never what I was suggesting. Or would consider suggesting…

None of them is Bennell.
None of them are short.
I feel like I’m overexplaining this.

No idea, but there is no reason to rule it out