Pre-season training 2019-11-25 Monday

Technique or strength or both?

Even if you’re strong you need good technique. The smaller players tend to do well as they know they are have to execute it properly to make up for what they lack in strength.

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Thanks for the appreciation!

(I do agree with you though, most of what training watchers write is just opinion from observation, not fact).



That’s just your opinion.


I have been to training many times. Its fun watching tiny figures doing stuff at the other end of the ground, but yes, they are all more bulked up/slimmed down, taller or shorter in the 10 weeks since the end of the season.

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You can only do that if you are really strong in the core, with the sort of muscles you get from boxing, skipping and endurance training.

And this stuff about starting the season half done and building fitness through the season is complete crap. The best teams start the season super fit, and at the end of the season they’re still the fittest.

Sorry @nackers, that was not really meant to be a go at you, it is more a go at people making pronouncements against the club with no real information. Your training reports are most definitely appreciated. Sorry I didn’t make that clear in my post.


Hey no problem at all, I didn’t take it as you having a go at me.

I actually amuses me a bit sometimes when I write an observation and it gets taken as fact and I think exactly the same thing, I’m just an internet nobody that most have never met, why are they taking my opinions as gospel?

Having said that though if you go back and re read most training reports from previous years our observations and predictions of how players will go that year are generally surprisingly accurate.


Have we won the pre-season training cup yet?

Bottle of saline?

Actually, this pre season is very important. If they start the 2020 season like they have the last two years then I imagine a number of people will be sacked/step down.

The club will need to pull out all the stops to ensure that the team starts the season in shape to be competitive.

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Go to a game and ignore the ball and pick one player to follow.
Players spend maybe 90% of the game running without the ball.

Positioning, setting up, following their man, zoning, dummy leading.


People somehow worried about Begley losing weight… why?

He needed to do something to get to more contests/be able to pressure better and if that is dropping weight to cover the ground more effectively then good.

I don’t see it as a negative at all.

I know blitz loves to whine at the drop of a hat however

On the other side of coin, Draper has bulked up, so has Moz. Both of them needing to be able to compete in their relative positions.


I’m rapt that Begs looks fit. I honestly believe that he could fill that big bodied mid spot. Plus his skills are good so won’t hurt us in the middle.

Begs looks good.

I enjoy pushing people’s buttons whilst dispassionately reporting on VFL matches.


Sure, that may be so, but the point is, for the most part, that’s how they busted most of our tackles.

So, whats the technique? I think it might be counter-intuitive. Which ever arm you feel touching you first, turn in that direction, then the other arm will not be able to get a purchase on you. Don’t turn away from the first arm, or you just turn into the second arm , allowing the opponent to get both arms around you.

Watching Dev Smiths text book tackling technique. First he holds his arms out , to indicate to the umpire that the opponent has “prior opportunity” then clamps both arms in at the same time, in a scissor motion.

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Um… It’s already happened.

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Probably doing evacuation training.