Pre-season training 2019-11-25 Monday

His kicking has been poor since coming back from his ACL injury


Not “only”. Could also be the guy tackling is gassed, and you’ve got plenty of energy left.

Our rotations were absolutely stuffed in that final.

(Parish 62% game time, ZM & Redman 60%, Brown 56% (injured), Hepp 53%, Snelling 52%, Saad 45%)

Weagles blew up our mids early, then torched us. Yes they broke a few tackles, more importantly they found space everywhere they looked.

Not sure if a lot more guys were carrying injuries than we knew, or just not able to take the step up in intensity. Either way, fitness and conditioning.

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Me too. Hopefully he’s eased up on the shanks.


Was Joe even there at all?

Confidence in his body will hopefully get him back to where he was. He was kicking beautifully before the injury so it can’t be a skill issue.

Saw this, and maybe the guy second from the right is Joe. Or maybe Gown?

Recognize that mullet anywhere!



Probably in the cafe.

Last year Saady was too fat.

This year Beg’s is too skinny.

Next year will be about right.

I love pre season time of the year

Yep, its three bears time.


Technique, strength and, something we were sadly lacking as a collective last year, attitude. The type of manic attitude Devon Smith brings needs to permeate the whole playing group. It’ll be great to have that back and with a little more of the same from Snelling and Zerrett hopefully it becomes contagious.


The Saad too fat thing has got to be the most unfunny meme that Blitz has ever persisted with. And that’s saying something!!


If we can win a pre-season match, Anzac Day and Indigenous round, I will permit myself to begin to believe.


Indeed, Smith brings it in spades. You’re right it has to be across the whole group - you can’t have one player busting a gut doing that stuff with teammates who don’t share the load. It’s not sustainable.


Anzac day is such a good day. But it’s so sh*t knowing Collingwood always pull out pants down year in, year out. They always are up for it


Talk about multi skilled and multi tasking. You must have the fastest thumbs in the north west to be able to post updates AND push everybody’s buttons DJR.

Wouldn’t bother me if some one else took our spot every year it’s the same ■■■■ ethier lose by under a goal or getting flogged by 50

edit - I mentioned this to a few Essendon suppoters but the pies treat this day as another footy match while we on the other hand seem to be only interested in the commercial side of things

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As are the umpires. It’s their day to shine.


If you’re a top side you should play and win the blockbuster games the same as the regular games. It’s one of a number of things we need to improve to get ourselves into that top side category. And it’s on the pre-season track that you train to minimise mistakes. And you don’t move on with the drill until it’s done correctly.


They showed the squad doing some meditation under the eye of Rutten on the news yesterday.

If it’s something that helped Richmond succeed then I’m all for it.

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