Pre-season training 2019-11-25 Monday

What was the dispute? And why was the whole squad involved in it? Sounds serious!


■■■■■■■ check

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someone said something about someone’s weight and it got taken the wrong way and before you knew it, it got completely out of hand

not good

not good to see that sort of thing happening

I thought we were better than that


Nah, someone was singing Weird Al “I’m Fat” and thought it was directed at them, just a misunderstanding.

Some people would like us to change our sash to yellow because it works for Richmond.

Meditation might be good, but geez I’m sick of ‘it worked for them it will work for us’. We need to make our own thing happen with the people and resources we have.


And where has that taken us?

Can’t quite tell whether:

  • you’re saying it’s not good that someone called someone fat
  • you’re saying it’s not good that someone took it the wrong way
  • you’re taking the pi$$

EDIT: re-reading the thread it looks like option 3, but I’ll leave my post in place as a testament to my own gullibility.


On the one hand I like to be believed as I do say some good stuff… sometimes.

But then there’s the delight in seeing people actually believe stuff that should not be believed.

I guess that’s the risk we’ll have to take.


The first thing that’s wrong with the team is that it’s not fit enough. That’s what’s needs to be fixed, and it’s not fixed by mediation.

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In my days of training reports, I was less than convinced by Andrew Lovett’s application at training. One day, I thought I’d compliment his increased efforts on that day.

Next thing you know, some drongo has interpreted that as my having said he’d had an outstanding pre-season. People read into things whatever they want and if you don’t say something negative, then that’s an outstanding positive.

They don’t understand that these things aren’t binary. There’s a continuum between 0 and 100% and reports don’t comment on anything that’s not notable.


Good to see they are focussing in tackling, huge gap for our team to fill.

Too many missed tackles, tackles which slip and allow handballs, no intent.



“Sack Dodoro”. Picked lots of short fast guys that cannot last the 100 minutes but are good players and picked athletes that run out games but are not so good at footy.

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So players only spend @ most 12 minutes with the ball.
I would like to know, if at all possible on average what % of the time is the ball out of bounds?

I didn’t realise the players trained back in the 1930s. Thought they just rocked up for the game each Saturday.


Meditation, mindfulness and visualisation are big parts of elite sport these days. Just because Richmond got media coverage for their practices doesn’t mean we weren’t doing it years ago, let alone the other clubs.

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Time off, so 0 percent.


Anyone else find it embarrassing we’ve got an assistant coach doing it, rather than, I dunno, an expert?


Because we are so ahead of the curve

Huh? Who fought with whom?..whom?..yeah, whom