Pre-season training 2019-11-25 Monday

Not really. A lot of things like that are actually quite simple…like breathing exercises and visualisation. We don’t know the full story of what the players are being taught but it’s easy to imagine a coach trying to teach a particular strategy would be the expert on what to visualise.

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If meditation helps the players remain calm in high pressure moments and stops panicked disposal I am all for it.


Me too.

I think we need to do more of it, as it doesn’t seem to be working.

Today’s a Thursday.

We wait.

Hopefully someone else can do a report otherwise you may be waiting a while, I don’t think I can get there today.

I want an unlike button and I want it now.


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Francis was taken 2015 draft, so 4 seasons under his belt. He should be getting towards a football hardened body with those preseasons / games behind him and coming into a period where it gets “easier” to make gains. At 22 he has lots more improvement to come. Exciting times now, and ahead.


I hope people continue to not show up so the boys know what it feels like watching them play

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I kind of agree with that. The club has promised the world in the lead up to the last couple of season and delivered, being realistic, fark all. It’s time for the club to put some actual achievement on the table and earn some enthusiasm from its supporters.

At this point I’m expecting a 2020 season no better than 2019, which was one of the most disappointing in my long period as a supporter.


You would think the players are thinking that too.
Disappointing end to the season fading fast.
Big Joe about to get on the track.
Truck taking over from Woosha,
Dan Jordan joining the Senior coaches.
Cara returns to Windy Hill.
Fresh faces on the list.
X moving on…

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New Head of Conditioning.
Ryder said no.


It’s all happenin…

I don’t know why people are getting down on the club now.
I don’t expect us to have a good season, but these are changes that should have happened two years ago.
They’re happening now.
I mean…not loving the gap year but it’s still a step in the right direction if not a leap.

We’re back to year zero.
Which is a lot better than year minus three.


I feel much the same way, although I think a clear break from Worsfold would probably make the most sense.

My enthusiasm for the year has been heavily dampened with the JD saga. If he’s not fit and motivated we are essentially shot before we’ve even begun, he is THAT important.


They won’t go backwards because of the meaty changes to the whole set up.
They’ll kick off 2020 on zero like 17 other clubs, and with those changes, we won’t cop another miserable start to the year.

We’ll see.
I don’t think our list is as solid as it was.
Injuries will play a part.
If we do start to play the sort of football that Townsend, Cutler and Hibberd would suggest then we may be thereabouts, but I think even that will take some time.

Freo (H) W
Sydney (A) W
Carlton W
Giants (H) L
Adelaide (A) W

If we start off with 3 wins might give us confidence to beat GWS.
3/5 is ok but need to aim for 4/5 leading into Anzac Day

I think Bellchambers fit and Phillips/Draper adequate support should mean that we should start better.
If Bellchambers isnt fit, would happily play Phillips round 1. If we can win the midfield ball should be a shot.

Add tough nuts like Hibberd and Townsend for swans grudge match.


Last 3 years of delistings;

Goddard, Jerrett, Green, Colyer, Leuey, Dea, Baguley, Brown, ZClarke, Harts, Houlahan, Long, McNiece, Myers, Mynott, Eades, Kelly, Stanton, Jobe, Hocking, Bird, Howlett and Morgan.

From my perspective I reckon the current list is better off without most of that mob.


They delisted Jobe??? :scream::scream::scream: