Pre trade Best 22


Because fark you, that’s why:
(and I’m bored at work)

B: Saad - Hurley - Francis
HB: Gleeson - Zerk - Ridley
C: Redman - Heppell - McKenna
HF:Stringer - Daniher - Fantasia
F: Tippa - Hooker - Smith

R: Draper - Shiel - Merrett

INT: Langford - Parish - LAV - McGrath


I don’t mind that. I’m definitely in the Hooker forward camp, if he’s fit/healthy enough to play at all.
I’d still be playing Zaka but he’s HFF now for mine. LAV out.

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B: Saad - Hooker- Francis
HB: Gleeson - Hurley - McKenna
C: Redman - Heppell - Zaharakis
HF:Stringer - Daniher - Smith
F: Tippa - MCKERNAN - Fantasia
R: Draper - Shiel - Merrett
INT: Parish McGrath Ridley (7th def) Snelling (7th forward)
Emg: Langford, Laverde, Zerk-Thatcher

Hooker forward helps solves us trying to squeeze Francis, and Zerk-thatcher in the backline, but most likely scenario is MCKERNAN in Hooker back and Zerk out.


You mean Ivan gets to do a pre trade, post trade and preseason best 22.


What about an injured best 22?


B: Gleeson Hooker
Hb: Hurley
C: Mutch Stringer Guelfi
Hf: Stewart Daniher Mosquito
F: Gown Bellchambers Fantasia
R: Draper Heppell Smith

This thread scares me. Because there’s talk that three clearly-best-22 players in everyone’s teams might be wanting/and/or going to leave.

I worry about the club atm.


B: Saad Hooker Hurley
HB: Gleeson Ambo McKenna
C: McGrath Heppell Guelfi
HF: Smith Daniher** TIPPA
F: Fantasia Smack Stringer
R: Belly Shiel Zerrett

B: Parish Zaka Snelling Redman

Emerg: Francis. Langford. Draper. Mosquito

Oh, ignore my last post. Everything’s fine. Joe isn’t in speedy’s best 22.

Edit:. Now he is! Panic again.


Ha! Def stuff up.

I was so used to picking sides this year without him. All amended at same time you posted.

Serenity now… even if he’s gawwwnn :frowning:

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What? 3? Daniher and who else?

I’ve been staying away from the Dustin Fletcher hanger.

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No changes for mine

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By popular demand

B: Saad - Ambrose - Hurley
HB: Gleeson - Zerk - Mckenna
C: Heppell - Parish - Merrett
HF: Fantasia - Daniher - Smith
F: Tippa - Hooker - Stringer

R: Draper - Shiel - McGrath

INT: Langford - Redman - Clarke - Francis


I thought that too. I assume he’s talking about Francis and Fantasia

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The best 22’s mean nothing for us at the moment. It’s not like we’ve got a bunch of team changing youngsters to bring in.
Any improvement next year will come from coaching and conditioning

Mckenna and Redmam pushed further up the ground is way to edgy for our club. Reckon it be banging though.

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100% agree.

Some really concerning list management noise for us at the moment.

Complete silence from the club is magnificent too.

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What’s gone wrong? This time last year we were looking really good. Suddenly we’re in more trouble than the Suns with players wanting out. Something is very wrong

That’s over dramatic

If we talking JD, Francis & Lav it’s just 3 players chasing $$ IMO

One with huge concerns over his playing future, the others not able to establish themselves in senior side with no guarantees.

Calm thy farm

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