Prince Philip dead, gave Reboot the finger for 1436 days though

Prince Phil has bitten the dust.
Sadly the most interesting of the Royals is no longer with us.
RIP Phil, your disdain for political correctness will be missed.


Unlucky Phil.

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“It looks like it was put up by an Indian”.

At last, in saving the British taxpayer about a million ponds p.a., the privileged ■■■■ finally makes a contribution to society.

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Easily my favourite casual racist.


Is this confirmed yet?

Not confirmed. Protocol indicates that the announcement will be made at 8am London time. So another 4 hours away.

Very sad about the news.

LOL we may have a winner in the ultimate Fake News event

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We may indeed.

That’s not a denial :wink:

One of the more believable sources suggests that the meeting has been called to advise staff of future cutbacks and redundancies


At 3am?

Pretty sure it is all a fake news hoax

Even the Bonge is getting caught up in it

Gonna be a lot of idiot journalists in a few hours, when Phil jumps out of bed and goes on his morning fox hunt

If he or the Queen carks it, all the realms of the Commonwealth would be told first before any public announcement and news would inevitability leak out from the Media Adviser to the Foreign Affairs Minister for West Chad

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This was yesterday.

Buckingham Palace said both are alive and well. Damn media, they got me!!

They are going to announce that Prince Philip has resigned his royal duties to take up the position as Joe Daniher’s goalkicking coach

or maybe he has gotten Miley Cyrus pregnant! Go Phil!


Reboots going into jerretts cannon to the sun of this ain’t true

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Just pack a bottle of Woodford in with me WOB

Can probably stick a fork it in now

Canadian Journo been in touch with Buck House

The journalists are probably disappointed that there isnt a death to report on.