R18 - Essendon vs Fremantle (21/7 4:35pm @ ES) - Pregame Discussion

We’re Essendon and I’ve lost belief. Until the Collingwood game I could still dream, and I did dream. Then we selected a crap team, played crap, and lost.

No more dreaming.

We might play absolutely brilliantly against Freo and beat them by 100. We might play as we did against Carlton and lose. Probably it will be something like the Gold Coast game, i.e. complete rubbish with us a bit less rubbishy than them.

McNiece and Long should never have been brought in. Assuming they are dropped I really don’t care who comes in.

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He is easily defeated if the cheer sqaud offer him all the beer he can drink…

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You realise we were in the GC game until the last and really only got screwed over by injuries on the day and therefore some rotations? I think we’re still building. First half of year was ■■■■ vut the rest barring most of the Tigs has been good. Granted GC firt half was hard to watch, but we toughed it out.

I’ll genuinely surprised if we don’t smash those Muppets at home and continue our good form.

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I assume you mean Collingwood when you say GC. Yes, I was there. We were never going to win.

“Continue our good form”?


Yeah, i actually edited GC in (beer).

Good form. We put 50pt or so on GC and played alright against the pies barring the last. Aside from that we’ve been great. The issue I have is why we we’re playing so differently from last year (and now) in the first half of the year, when it was obvious to everyone what our game plan should have been. Can’t really fault the last 8 games too much. So yeah - form.


They can try, but after smiting Sandilands with one mighty blow of his axe, Francis will snort Bennell for an amphetamine hit. And then things will get really ugly for Freo.

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Out: McNiece, Colyer
In: Ridley, Raz


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People are kidding themselves STILL if they think that GC was good because we won by 44. How many bad games previously have we won playing badly and people say “that’s what good teams do, win playing badly”. No, good teams don’t struggle against the 2nd worst team without most their players for a half, these are the performances that are why we keep losing to these sh*tfest teams year after year. How about we play WELL and win decently for once. Our kicking, decision making and disposal was utterly embarrassing for a half. Problem with Freo is I have no idea if we’ll win by 8 goals or lose by 4 goals, who knows. Depends if we can be bothered on the day as per usual. I reckon it might be like that game last year against Freo at home where we had to win to make finals and almost blew it against a crap Freo side. Probably win by 13 points or something after trailing for most the game.


Bullshit. We were all over them for the first 10 minutes. Couldn’t kick straight.
We never looked like losing. If we kicked straight we’d have won by 80-90 points.

We’ve won 4 on the road and have had very good form for 8 weeks outside of the Tigers game. We ran out of legs with 2 or 3 less rotations against the Pies early on.

I’ve been to every home game this year and we’ve definitely built a ■■■■ load of momentum post the Carlton monstrosity.

We’ll beat Freo. The only game we’ll lose on the run home now are against the Tigers. End of with 13 wins. Mark my words


We won so that means everything is ok.

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In Good Hard Mean ■■■■■ ■■■■■■■ Attitude + kicking some goal = kicking ■■■!
Out Wimping Bed Wetting Nancy Ball + fiddle fatassing around in the backline = ■■■■ off!

Could have been Whorethorne.

You’re glass half empty, I’m boyant on the second half if the year. I suspect we’ll smash Freo at home but will still be ■■■■■■ if we miss finals.

It’s not an ideal position to be in anf we ibly havr ourselves to blame, but I reackon we’ve mkstly be ok or good second half of the year, and I’ll take a 40+ win back by a better seconf half against a ■■■■ GC away from hime after a horrid start.

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As somebody who can often be pessimistic about the club’s chances, I am still baffled…

We didn’t play well, admittedly, but won by 7 goals on the road in a typical ‘banana peel’ game for us in the past and yet some posters are still extremely unhappy. WTF would be happening if we lost that game?

People who think we are going to win by 15 goals every week playing scintillating football against every single opponent we play against may need to reassess their goals. With our list in its current state that is not going to be happening.


I don’t ■■■■■■■ care what happens, just play francis.


I want us to kick goals that wins games

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Should be up for this game after getting through flat last night.


2 weeks time against our bogey team Sydney…

Francis takes an intercept mark 10 metres in front of Buddy.
Immediately kicks a chizeler off 1 step to the fat side of the ground to Conor who has found some space on his man.
Conor takes 2 bounces before a beautifully weighted kick into the corridor to LAV, who lead out of the square like a freight train.

LAV to take the shot 40m out straight in front.

*** I know this story excites you !


Id like Stewart to come back in. Felt we lacked another tall marking player. plenty of scoring shots on the weekend and found plenty of the ball.


I did the math, and if we win by around 200 points, we can have our percentage above 110 and be right back in the mix.

For those actually interested in %, for every 14 points we win by we gain ~1% (varies a little bit with overall score). A 31 point win gets us to an even 100%.