Rank worst umpiring games vs Bombers throughout history

Round 1 1897, and not much has improved since then!


I reckon previously badly umpired games get forgotten by me after a recent badly umpired game - cant believe the memories people have here. Definitely Anzac 2019 - dont think I’m gonna forget Pendles looking up to see an approaching Essendon player than ducking his head for a free; not to mention the numerous htb decisions where players stopped expecting a free to be awarded.


Round 11 2007 vs Eagles is another one.
Although we got up by 1 point on the Friday night the umpiring was abysmal.

Far too many to mention, but Anzac Day 2019 clear worst (apart from others I may have subconsciously blocked out to avoid PTSD). I apologise to anyone I offended with my language that day.

Strangely, I think the standard actually went down each time they added extra field umpires going from 1 to 2 to 3. Probably through inconsistent interpretations, I guess.


2016 was a year where we had a great run with the umps. Actually saw a table on here which proved that year to be the exception. The funny thing is that in a few games we were up to our eyeballs in the umps just went to work. A game against GWS on a Sunday twilight and Richmond on a Saturday afternoon were really bad.

Another game where we got stiffed was v GC in 2011. We kicked 15 goals in the first quarter or something stupid but after quarter time the umps deadset cheated. I honestly believe there was a worry we would kick a record score against the new expansion team and the AFL couldn’t have that happen. We obviously still flogged them but it should have been a lot more.


Stupid thread. Playing the victims. Woke like the club.
Had a beer or more, going to be tata.

Don’t be a party pooper - thread is a bit of fun. You’re telling me you’ve never been upset about umpiring in one of our games?

It that meant to be a haiku?

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I remember that one. WC kicked 3 goals in the second half and every one of them was from a free kick.

Only two real candidates here.

That hame at docklands where we ended up booing the umpire for 10 mins straight; and

2019 Anzac Day. I genuinely thought there was going to be a riot after that match. Never felt like that before or since


Do recall the umpires going to work on us in Perth.

We were actually competing fairly well until this early in the 4th and the players just said ahh fk it after that and we lost by 80.


Anzac day 1996.
Was 21-4 after half time

There was a 4:40 Sunday game against Port at docklands. Nicholls was the man in charge that day.

And 2019, never have a wanted to storm the ground that day and knock out those slimy ■■■■■

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Stand back hipsters I’ll take you back to Windy Hill in the early Sixties.
After the Game I was with several hundred people outside the Umpires room shouting and banging on the door and then we counted out the umpire ONE TWO etc NINE TEN. YOUR OUT .For some reason this placated the crowd and we all left . Cannot remember who we played or who the umpire was.But it did happen.
Also Doggies at Docklands 7 goals from free kicks. They used to put in results, scores from free kicks, but not any more.



Any game in the 1970’s - Watching footy when it was routine for 80+ frees per game and in some cases over 100 was painful viewing.

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@GuzzLG I’m both impressed and a little scared at the detail you recall from these loses.
I’ve wipped them from my memory. It’s a coping mechanism.

That’s true. I think they also used to list where each team got their frees - forward, midfield or back. That would be a good one too.

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That’s also the same game as ‘you were going to spear tackle him’ free kick against Dean Rioli.

My other votes.

But who could forget Ess V Swans at the dome in 2014. They got a heap of dodgy ones, then the umpire got KO’d, and everyone boo’d.

then Mick Hurley got his head caved in, and it was play on, another goal for them.


I agree the 2018 collingwood one was worse than 19 anzac day. I think the reaction to 19 was built up from the previous 18 one and people were fed up. In general though:

  1. Anything against collingwood
  2. Anything against sydney in sydney
  3. Anything against bulldogs
  4. More recent anything against west coast in Perth.

Anzac day 2019 was the worst.

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