Rate the Rockys

So in the grand tradition of having thought and creating a thread. I have just rewatched all the Rocky movies.

  1. Rocky
  2. Creed
  3. Rocky 4
  4. Rocky 3
  5. Creed 2
    6 Rocky Balboa
    7 Rocky 2
    8 Rocky 5

Rocky 5 would have finished higher but for the stupid street fight at the end. Rocky 2 was ridiculous and destroyed by Mickey turning into a cartoon character. Balboa a much better movie than I remembered. The Creed movies have better boxing scenes than the Rocky movie where no one seems to ever protect themselves.

  1. Rocky 4
  2. Rocky
  3. Rocky 3
  4. Creed
  5. Rocky Balboa
  6. Creed 2
  7. Rocky 2
  8. Creed 3 (TBC)
  9. Rocky 5

added Creed 3 as in no way can it be worse than the street fight in 5.


1. Rocky
2. Rocky Balboa
3. Rocky II
4. Rocky III
5. Rocky IV

Rocky V, Creed & Creed II were all â– â– â– â– .

This should be an addendum to the overrated movies thread.

All of them, especially the original since it’s the only one that’s rated at all

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Rocky IV is perfect in every way.


1.rocky balboa
3. Creed 2
4.creed 1
5.rocky 2
6. Rocky 3
7. Rocky IV
8. Rocky 5

Seems to be pretty broad agreement that the two chick flicks are the best.

(I haven’t seen any Creeds, and probably missed a Rocky or two.)

Reckon that’s a very hard call on the Creed movies. Rocky 5 was OK until the street fight which was beyond stupid


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Rocky 4 the best.


Rocky 4
Rocky Balboa
Rocky 3
Rocky 2
Rocky 5

Haven’t seen Creed 2.

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Rocky Balboa is the best easily. Easily. It’s really really good when it had no right to be.

Original Rocky also great.

All others trash (though haven’t seen the Creeds yet)

3, 2, 4 (would perhaps have been higher if not for Happy Birthday Paulie).
Creed, Creed 2, Rocky Balboa, 1 (I know, but I found it dreadfully slow, and Creed has all the best bits).

Rocky IV
Rocky and Bullwinkle
Rocky III
Rocky II
Rocky V (haven’t seen any of the more modern ones because Rocky V was so bad)

1 Rocky and bullwinkle


more day light.

the rest


Somewhere below the Himalayas and above the Great Dividing Range

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Rocky Road is delicious.

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Rocky Horror.
drops mike

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Who is Mike and why are you dropping him?

Larger and more spectacular than both the Grampians and the Blue Mountains

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