Rath but no Rish Podcast

Not sure if this needs its own thread but here we are.


Who is the other guy?

Andrewcy Rishrath

Listening as we speak.

As am I

Haven’t listened to it yet but I’ll already declare it a poor man’s Hard Tag.


The boys speak well. Should be good listening. Great for their Media careers later in life

oh i dunno, they have got a couple
of guns on there.

The Ler, classic

Coneys response


That other guy is cute :heart_eyes:

Who is Ned? I assume its a mate of McGrath’s, but thought they could have explained who they were talking about.
They speak pretty well but there can be a difference between speaking well and being engaging so the jury’s out on whether they can carry a full season, will depend on the guests, and how much they rely on that stock standard question and answer format.
I’ll give them a few shows to get comfortable but a fairly average first episode.


How soon we forget!!! Cheers.

I actually throught it was a great pod. But to be fair I don’t listen to a lot so I’m propbaly not the best judge. I did like how candid they were and how much care they have for each other. Looking forwad to the next.

Also perfect length for my commute to work :red_car:

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I can understand why Parish got stuck in the forward line. Late to meetings and a bit quiet early. I thought he was a confident kid especially when you watched him in 2016 sticking up for himself and not shy of a chirp.
He seems much more confident in the last 9 months.

Pete genuinely seems like a great bloke.


One thing I really noticed was how well 2MP took being dropped in his stride. I forget that he was dropped during the peak COVID times so he couldn’t even play seconds footy most of the time due to it being cancelled.

Seems as though Darcy and Andy also really appreciate him being the key guy in the forward line. They kept thanking him!

They should have just PAID Blitzcast.

I only watched the 2 min version on ribs because well I don’t really need to hear em bang on for almost an hour on nicknames.

But if you ask me both Parish McGrath speak so well. I’d see either of em as Captain post Hepp.

The ‘Heppisode’ (no. 5 of this podcast) just disappeared. Anyone know why?