Rd 14 Ess @ Syd Matchday Thread

Finally arrived, what a looong wait. This game will tell us more about where we’re at and where we’re going than any game I can remember in recent times.
As with any game, there are certain players I find myself watching in particular. I’m super intrigued with the following:
Jobe - crucial vs Syd at the SCG. Can really put his stamp on the game and end the talk and chapter of getting rid of the rust etc.
Joe - he’s the one player other than Hurley who brings something to the team that no-one else does. Super important he’s on song. Especially without Hooker and the extra attention.
McG - not as crucial as the aforementioned but I’m curious what will happen when he’s put on the ball more. Smaller ground, no Parish, Conor is providing run out of the backline and Gleeson is in - all facilitate for Andy to get wet to the knees and not just a toe-dip like he did vs Port.


The mids need to be at their harassing and defensive best.

We’ve proven to be be a great offensive side.

And for me, it’s Franklins opponent that is most crucial tonight as I think Sydney will go to him as much as possible.

Yep, it’s 5:30am and I’m already thinking footy.

Carn Dons, this can be the beginning of a surge towards finals!!!


Boarding the plane now. Fingers crossed I witness my first interstate win.

Go Bombers!


If Hurley is really going to be forward I want to see him become a human wrecking ball


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This season!

From where we sit entering the 2nd half, looking at the ladder, the difference between 3rd and 17th right now has come down to winning or losing a couple of close games.

If we can continue to improve and win the close ones, anything is possible, top 4 and a prelim isn’t a ridiculous ambition.

If we have bad luck with injuries, umpires and lose the close ones, we could have the number 2 draft pick.

Both scenarios are plausible.

Tonight is virtually like the start of our season proper, and we are playing away in Sydney.

This feels familiar…


Haven’t been this excited for a game since R12 2017.

Loving this year. Loving our functioning forward line.


Bit early for match day thread, havent even left for work yet.

Really want to win this game know probably the only 4 swans supporters in Tassie and they are very annoying and up and about, saying they will take out spot in the 8 this week.

Would like a big win away put a stop to their finals march and hep our % so we are a chance for top 4.

Me either.

The AFL must be rubbing it’s hands with an evil snicker at the filthy lucre they would be dreaming of with a season this close, .it’s exactly what they’ve been trying to engineer for the best part of 2 decades.

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Now I’m pumped, we gotta beat these farks.

I got home from a graveyard shift, chuck on the TV, and fox footy decided showing the 96 prelim was a good idea.

I watched it, because I hadn’t ever rewatched since it happened… Oh Michael Symons.

Then when that finished, they chuck on round 1 2015.

Fark Fox Footy and fark Sydney.


Fark their whole club and that BS ■■■■■■ culture garbage, I hope we obliterate that culture tonight and as a result, their season


Speaking of Paul “Roosy” Roos, Hird gave him an absolute bath in that prelim. It was actually embarrassing for him.


96 was a funny one. Don’t think I’ve ever felt as indifferent about a finals loss. I never really rated our chances against norf that year and considering the injuries we got in the prelim we probably avoided a repeat of 83 ( or worse) which was fine by me at the time.


North would have smashed us, and that would have scarred far worse than the prelim did.


Game day! Is everyone ready?!


Guys. I know what’s going to happen tonight.

We will get two or three goals behind early, the game then becomes an in-close horrible to watch slog fest, we dominate the play early in the last quarter but just can’t break through, we then get ■■■■■■ by a few horrible umpiring decisions and we lose by five goals.

I say this not because I can see the future but because this is always always always how our games go in Sydney always always.


I love a feel good story

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So Hawthorn can beat Adelaide, apparently by slowing the game down and denying possession in space. So thats going to be Sydneys approach to Essendon, because they can, and because we play a similar game to Adelaide.

Clarko is of course a genius and he worked out a way to beat Adelaide which involved some adjustments to the way Hawthorn normally play. eg. tagging Sloane, moving Burgoyne forward etc.

But the Woosha mantra is to play the way we want to play. Thats all very good, but when an opponent works us out and comes up with a game plan to beat us, what is Woosha going do in terms of tactics? Will he relent and tag ? Will he react quickly if Buddy goes on a rampage?

Otherwise it will come down to how often our players can beat their opponents 1 on 1 in a slogfest.

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