Rd 14 Ess @ Syd Matchday Thread

Man I am hanging for this game.
Win this and it will give us huge belief…

I’m starting to get butterflies in my stomach and sweaty palms…


Does Damian Barrett actually watch football? Does he know that Cale Hooker hasn’t played in defence for two years?


My preference is to make our Plan A that effing good that nobody can beat it. Hawthorn won 3 on the trott because nobody could beat their Plan A, not because they didn’t know how.


stopped reading at Dam…

The less said about that degenerate the better.


a line in the sand game. Time for Essendon to make a statement.

but …

Swans by 50+ points

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It’s always cute when ambulance chasers like Barrett try to talk about actual football.


True, I think first a coach needs to back his players and “the way they ( collectively) want to play” but the role of a coach on game day might come down to finding a way to enable the team to win, and that usually means tactical moves are required.
Theres probably nothing more lame than a coach saying " they did not let us play the way we want to play" after being beaten by 5 points, if some opposition mid got off the leash and had 12 clearances because of an idealogical opposition to tagging , for instance…

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Hey! Leave purple alone!

You have no idea how hard it is to live in the bottom of a wheelie bin feeding off scraps! Barely enough time make up bullshit lies and stories, let alone pay attention to the game he makes his living from!

PS Fark Sydney

PPS Fark Fark Carlton


I don’t have dreams about footy but last night I did. We won this game by 28 points. Just sayin’

Now I’m going to get off this site and work for the next 5 hours before I leave to fly down to Sydney. If anyone sees me lurking around here before 3, tell me to GTFO!




This is for aceman

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I am looking forward to seeing how the SMack/TBell ruck, tall forward combo will work for us. Our 2 rucks are better around the ground in a range of areas such as marks, contested marks, etc, but Sydneys 2 ruck combo averages 4 more hit outs than our normal one ruck/chop out strategy

Sydney seem to use their ruckmen in about a 50/50 loading, which probably keeps them fresh. If we follow this we will get very good value out of TBell, and Smack, whose performances are great until they tire late in games when having to ruck for 90% of the game.


Exactly. Why anyone reads anything by Dustbin Damo is beyond me.

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Had the same feeling. Was gutted for the players missing out on a GF, but yes with the injuries we copped that night it could well have been ugly the following week. IIRC our reserves made the GF and lost by 100-odd, maybe also to Norf.

I read it so I can have the pleasure of ridiculing it

Great preview, and I agree with the final line:
“I don’t like the way the Dons game plan meshes with Sydney’s preferences and home ground, and I’m willing to give Sydney a teensy bit of credit for their recent winning streak.”

I really hate the term “plan B” in football (this isn’t a spy movie - Goddard ain’t running around pointing at people shouting “ABORT MISSION - GO TO PLAN B!!!”), but this opponent at this ground will be a huge test of our ability to execute our game plan under tough conditions. The Hawks 2013-2015 sides (who I believe we’ve taken a huge amount of inspiration from) were incredible at their ability to make the most ferocious Fremantle/Sydney presses look like Swiss cheese (let’s no talk about the ‘Weagles Web’…). They only way we will learn to do the same is with persistence, and retaining faith in the game plan’s ability to score quickly and heavily. There is a reason the Hawks were so dangerous in the final five minutes, it’s because they continued to try to break the game open regardless of the time remaining. I think red time goals will be absolutely critical to our chances tonight.


First game all year I haven’t been able to watch live due to being away from any semblance of a decent internet connection…needless to say that if they win I won’t be watching anymore of them live either!!

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I am looking fwd to that not happening, and seeing how Shaun might acquit himself as a strictly KPP fwd this time in.

Have you too read that he’s earmarked for rucking??

It doesn’t make sense that he would be with T B in, and Joey needing & thriving with his current ruck time quotient.


This is the greatest thing on blitz since “say that again” and “whatever it tacos”