Rd 14 Ess @ Syd Matchday Thread

OMFG… Stuffed that up!

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Lost it. So many times could have iced game.


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disgracefully stupid football!!! The same kickout to the same position that hasn’t worked all year.

words cannot describe

We didnt farking deserve to win that, that was farkin ■■■■

Mods please suspend my account for an hour or so.

For the love of all that is decent.


A long bomb. Why not a long bomb. Ffs Goddard

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A) … Has to instill real confidence.

B) Burning BURNING deep.

Hope that farking stings for a longtime

Wow - just wow.
I thought that might come back to haunt us.

Shouldn’t have been a factor though.

What is the farking obsession with taking the extra kick out of the square ? Especially at that point in time


Blitz is farked

McKenna single handedly one us the game, then lost us the game.

Mentally weak the lot of them.

Watson is done


Deserved to be right back in it.

Also deserve to get absolutely torched, for that last 3 minutes.

firstly, the Goddard kick that was smothered - I could have walked around a lampost with about the same degree of difficulty as it would have taken Goddard to pause, let him dive and go around him. FFS.

But more broadly, our last 4 mins made Richmond look positively professional at holding a lead. That was pathetic. How many times did we kick long down the line, and they marked our kick? No chance of a spoil and holding it up for a ball up?
As for Newman’s second last goal, that was a stroll in the park. We kick it long down the line, the ball hits the ground (offensive side) Sydney player strolls off and kicks long, Joe can’t get it over the line for a thrown in or a behind against Newman in the air. Walk in goal. Just pathetic.

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Goddard you f**king tool, Daniher not far behind

Heppell hang your head in shame. Isn’t a captains ■■■■■■■