Rd 4 2021 - Bin Chickens Match Thread

ITS TIME…well in two hours it is.





I’m loving the strange looks I’m copping walking the streets of sydney cbd with my number 7 essendon guernsey on. About to jump on this light rail thing



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I dont like this thursday business


Have stocked up on hipster tinnies for the occasion. The 7.5% “tropical” ale looks ominous.


Will be fascinating to see how the boys back up from their ultra impressive win given the lessons learnt from round 1 and 2. Round 3 was a mirror image of the first half of round 1 but this time there was no getting ahead of themselves. They didn’t fold. Take little from round 2 other than the boys fighting the game out in the last and taking that form into round 3

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Word of advice, Make sure you tether your emotions to the result of this game, the ride you take is magnificent.


Believe the hype the baby bloods or signets or mini bin chickens are the new team in town. One of the youngest lists, some cunning subterfuge set plays. They are the unstoppable force. Go the mighty Swans :swan:.

■■■■ that lets have a 4 qtr high pressure crack at these post climbing , buddy loving umpires sweethearts!

Go Bombers


How old is that mono rail? remember taking a ride a few years back it felt old and ready to fall apart haha

So I got off the train @ Central and on the escalator in front of me this guy says “Bombers eh, I think you guys are a chance tonight”
I give him that HTF so you know what you’re talking about look and he goes on to explain that up until last week Justin Blumfield was his boss but has just relocated to Qld.
It’s a sign we’re gonna win :red_circle::bomb:


No the monorail got pulled down years ago
Brockway / Ogdenville & North Haverbrook


Frankly, the only thing I care about tonight is that we have a red hot go and keep going for the whole game. I don’t think we’ll win because Sydney is red hot and we just can’t match them for talent in quite a few positions. But if we play with real intensity and hardness, we’ll make them earn their win, and if for some reason they are a bit off, then we could actually win.

When you think about it, there have been three games so far, and we’ve played well and hard half the time and poor and soft the other half. We played hard for all of the St Kilda game. We played soft for all of the Port game. We played hard for half of the Hawthorn game and soft for the other half and ended up losing by one point, which ■■■■■■ me off mightily.

Our last game was St Kilda. If we play like that tonight, we’re in with a shot. The problem is that St Kilda offered no opposition; soft is nowhere near adequate to describe how pathetic their performance was. Sydney always play hard, and right now they’re playing super hard.

It will be a major test for Jones, Cox and Perkins. They won’t have experienced anything like what they’ll experience tonight. We’ll learn a lot about their character. Same for Zerk-Thatcher and Laverde. Ridley will stand up. Hooker, Heppell, McGrath, Parish, Merrett, Smith will stand up. So will Hind, I think. Big test for Langford. Wright will do his best but be outclassed; Ham also I fear and possibly Snelling. Guelfi I think will do all right. Tippa will do what he does but may be overwhelmed. Stringer will either have a ball or be unsighted.

I can’t think of the remaining players. I just want to see them have a real go and keep going. If we win, that will be fantastic. But we’ll almost certainly lose, and all that will matter is how we lose.


Ahh shows how long I haven’t been to Sydney haha

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At least Aliir won’t be there to pick off all those high balls coming in tonight


the real questions are:

how many free kicks with Sydney get?

How many times will they show replays of Franklin running away from Hooker or dominating against us?

I’m going for 30 of each


I just hope the umpies are gonna ball it up at the start of each q and after goals instead of just giving Sydney a free kick.

If we kick the first 2 it’s odds on - whistle - free kick Sydney for no apparent reason to start the next play.

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The reason sides like Sydney have had it over us for long periods is in large part psychological.

With some new faces running around for both teams that might not be the advantage that it has been for them in the past…

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You ain’t missing much

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That’s a shame, because it sure put them on the map.