Replay/Torrent/Download R1


Does anyone have a link?


pm me too if you read this and have said thing


I have been experiencing difficulty getting to Estonia, wondering if anyone else has the same problem?


Seems the site might b down


Yep looking like that is the case


Across The Tasman seems to be suffering the same affliction.

Both sites equally reliant on V Baron … hmmmm??


If/when someone has a link can some PM the link tome as well. Thanks in advance.


PM me too, i more interested in the post game. The team songs, the joy in locker room, interview etc


Sandbelts amazing tool, … (Yeah yeah, .“That’s what she said” …)

Have at it, (and all) asap.

Just cannot thank you enough for this one Sandy.


Estonia seem to have opened their borders.


GeoBlocked by the AFL.


Never mind, Aussie Rules is back up


AFLNinja on youtube, should have it on there later today


Just watching it on AFL. Geez Basil is a ■■■■.


Anyway to get around geo blocking when out of the country?

*all good I forgot I had an old aussie rules account.


Thank you, gentlemen


does anyone have an invite code aussie rules ?
thanks in advance


works just fine. Superb program!


me too plse!


and me please