Replay/Torrent/Download R1

am i missing something or is it not possible to use an afl live pass to watch games live on a laptop? do you have to use phone/tablet? is there some way around this?

The only way to use it on a laptop is via the program kodi and installing the afl live app.
Its a bit of a pain to setup but works perfectly

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Yep, just tested on the back of Mero’s comment. Don’t know why he’s having issues, downloaded the Bris GC game for a watch, … no VPN, & no problems. Haven’t needed Estonia since I’ve had it. Choice of qual, … no constant checking, waiting for games to go up. Brilliant.

Are you out of Oz Mero?


thanks for the tip. i get an error message saying something about telstra. is this only for telstra customers? i have an afl live pass (but im on vodafone)

Estonia is fine. 720p50 went up three hours ago.

Man, do I really have to sign up for AFL live to watch replays?

how to log in aussie rules… i do not have access… is there a way to sign up

Can someone please send me an invite for Aus.sierules?

It’s ridiculous my last account got blocked because I didn’t seed enough…truth is I never stoped it seeding ever, it’s still up. Very annoying

What is this Estonia site? Someone got a link?

Someone please hit me up privately with links slash invites to all of this stuff.

Just look above at BSD’s post and get the proggie.

If anybody has a full replay on YouTube or something similar then it’s easy for me to just download from the Firefox download add-on tool.

You just need yo go into settings in the afl live app and change from free telstra pass to paid subscription

urrggg probably the worst commentary I have ever heard.


Hes way better than BT though. I thought Matty Richardson was farking insufferable though. would not shut the hell up about Cyril. Genuinely wanted to punch him in the back of the head


Right. Did you try that Psiphon? It doesn’t seem to have an Oz one, … (although it may do if you’re not in Oz ?)., but maybe Singapore on there would work if not?

O/wise, … there are other VPN’s both free & paid that will get past it.

I copied the link to a notepad.
Pasted the 1st Q link to Chrome
Access to was denied
I tried VLC player
Got a longer error message, but an error message nonetheless.

Huh? I’m a touch confused. Are you trying to stream from it?

can someone please please pm me a link?

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