Replay/Torrent/Download R1

Yup Basil destroyed the feeling of the game.Worst commentary right now.

Hmm, scratch that, I’m now assuming you were trying other avenues to D/L.

Just need a VPN with Aus as an option, or an Aus Proxy, & it seems they are not all that common. I tried every option in Psiphon, & had no joy.

I found this which anyone O/S might have a look at.

Maybe someone more tech savvy knows more about it, … like changing DNS etc, to get around it, or get an Aussie ip to skirt the geo Block??

O/wise, … for those without an Estonian passport, … they seem to always end up on youtube soon enough nowadays.

BSD you’re a ■■■■■■ legend. That link (further up the thread) was almost as good as that massive “saucepan-o-coffee” you do.

No worries Humbert, you’re welcome, … but the real thanks have to go to sandbelt, (For the app, … NOT the coffee :wink: ), … it’s a beautiful piece of work.

has anyone managed to get sandbelt’s app to work on a Mac? I’m not sure how to emulate to get the exe file to work.

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As a Telstra mobile customer I get a free AFL Live Pass… I’ve been able to watch live games on my tablet and phone.

I’ve also logged into the live pass on the AFL website to watch the replay, but I get told to subscribe to watch the replay?

Just buy a proper computer.

I either use sandbelts app or just put ss in front of youtube to download it from there when it appears.

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This website is blocked in the UAE

I’m in the process of uploading the entire game.
It’ll be done in about 6 hours.
Message me for the link tomorrow morning if you need it.

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Have used this site for a while.

It is being a bit weird though tonight

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You volunteering to pitch in the few hundred bucks?

Hehe sorry no. Seriously though you would have less compatibility issues.

The YouTube option should work for you though.

Sandbelt app is excellent, you also get to keep the MP4 files ! Thanx BD.

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Or book a trip to Estonia, I can be your travel agent…

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Gee this is good form, even better when you’re using the university’s wifi to download the game

can I make an appointment?

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Try this:


I have found that my app works in Linux (anyway, in Ubuntu 16.04) if I first install mono (sudo apt-get install mono-complete, or else see

I note that mono can be installed on Mac OS X version 10.7 (Lion) and later, see
After that you’re on your own :slight_smile:.


Thanks mate, I’ll give it a crack.

In Thailand desperate to see replay.Have noticed that there is nothing on YouTube.Have the Awful blocked that as well.In Greece last year and YouTube videos were coming out about 2 days after the event… Anyone know if they have done this.