Review Thread: Dons defeat Saints, umpiring and injuries


Yep. He’s nothing to sniff at.


Livin on the edge!


AFL website said Goddard’s was a hyper-extension. How long is that injury wise?

Got a text from a Saints supporter saying Hooker’s punch should be looked at - at the game it looked like the Saints player had thrown his body weight onto the back of Hooker’s next though. Am I being too biased?


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Most of that first half was uninspiring. Hope we can put good 3 quarters next week. 4 would put us in with a chance to win. Myers, Heppell and Parish were good. Walla was back to his best


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Great performance from midway through the second quarter. A lot more positives than last week. Think the Hawks are not that good and the team would be filthy with how we played last week in a bigger game.

Young mids all playing well against the crap teams so hopefully they maintain rate of improvement and can soon do it against the better sides.


FF have had a look at it and think Saints player might end up with something but that Hooker will either get a fine or some time off, swung his arm and did actually hit him high.




Hooksy was very silly unfortunately. Especially given the Gaff punch. He didn’t look to connect but it didn’t look good.


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