Review Thread - Essendon d Bad News Bears


Naa his a jet, its just raz is a rocket.


What I love about this win is Brisbane would have flew over all cocky and arrogant but Essendon were like “nope we are not going to give you your 4th straight win our turf” and gave them an old fashion belting.


Just watched the replay of yesterday. And i must say for a bloke who has no AFL playing or coaching experience. Listening to foxtels commentator Brenton speed is actually quite good. He is a superb commentator


The industry needs more professional commentators.


Finally finished watching the replay after working all weekend.

Watching the game with the knowledge that we win made the impact of the umps seem pretty minor compared to the commentary here. Yes there were a few howlers, but we did alright out of a couple of them too.

On that note, the commentators on Fox weren’t that bad. Like any normal match they were supporting the team trying to get back into the game. The only time I got annoyed was when they were talking down Hipwood’s boot to Kindergarten Cop’s noggin. Oh it’s not like the Greene rule my ■■■!

It was nice to see McGrath kick 50m. Sure it was a rushed slap on the boot in the third but he can do it.

And lastly…Walla OMFG! What an amazing individual performance. That run in the third out of the backline and then end up on the end it to kick the goal. I did not think he was that fit. All hail the great man!


Geez, number 2 is a bit of a stretch. May have been the case of we were playing a team who was 0-3 and not 3-0.

I would love to know the meaning behind Merrett saying last week that they removed the shackles and played the way they wanted to play. Who put the shackles on? The coaches? If so, are the coaches trying to get them to play a style that will hold up in finals or conserve energy early in the season?
The last 2 weeks we have got our running game going and this week we pressured them like we played the last 3 months last season.

Big month coming up now


Smith on GameDay said that run Tippa did in the 3rd quarter just game him and the team that extra lift in the game (considering Lions had built up a bit of momentum). Was great to hear how much he’s appreciated in the team.


Agree with the second part. Was wondering what everyone was complaining about, but boy were there some ■■■■ decisions in the second half.


Probably is a stretch, my gripes are not major. It was a great performance by the team.


Wallas game was unreal. His running was outstanding.
Merrett got off the chain and was reading it to perfection. He got to a lot of contests and impact was huge either winning it or putting on pressure.
Shiel was also awesome at clearances, haven’t had a mid for a long time that can run it out of stoppages the way he is currently doing multiple times a game.
Everyone played really well but there’s a lot more to look forward to if they continue to work on the little things.
As a team we defended really well especially from our fwd half, we slowed there ball movement and retained a lot of our territory. Although Brisbane wasted a fair few opportunities our back 6/7 were very strong. Hooker is a special player and makes our defence significantly better.
What we lack and I hope Hooker’s inclusion allows us is mids setting up better for the rebound. We again looked far too high up the ground and mids twiddling their thumbs on the rebound. Maybe we don’t have enough space but leads between the arcs are scarce. We were lucky with some of our passages from defence to goal and better teams will destroy us from our inability to have multiple options out of defence. There’s a few mids that don’t impact the gun and run out of defence and should be the players making the leads laterally and out in the wings. Guys like Myers, Heppell, Smith, Zaka as well as Baguley, Redman and Ridley have to gut run for the switches and wide slow plays. This clears up the middle for our speedy players and gives us opportunity to play safe and wait for something to open up. Currently I think our forwards are creeping up for the slow play instead of selected players using the space wide.
Once we work out a system to be a threat on the slow build ups we’ll be a serious contender. That and a long awaited serious marking threat up forward, Joe Daniher.


Zac Clarke is going pretty well btw. Vastly improved on last week’s effort.


Of course you do.


I see this as well

We don’t lead for our player with the ball as much as many other teams and sometimes we have no forwards in the f50 when we turn it over, when even just one would allow us a 50/50 30 metres out.


According to the time clock the siren actually blew with 4 seconds left


I like this from the BF Lions review thread:

I don’t think we played much worse then we did in the last 2 weeks. Essendon played a lot better then any of our opponents so far.

We only had 3 less inside 50s.

If we finished better and AMT wasn’t playing at god level we might have had a similar result to the last 2 weeks.

Lyons, Rayner and NRobbo probably the first to be cut. Keays is the only one banging down the door so as a start he should come in for Rayner.


Yeah the ending to the game was eerie. I knew there wasn’t much time left, went nuts when he kicked the goal, didn’t hear any siren and was then waiting for them to go back to the middle and ball it up for a couple of seconds play.

But the players all just stood around, the crowd didn’t know what was going on and there was no theme song.

Made stranger when I saw the footage today and the siren sounded early. Just bizzare.


Walla would have to be one of the most loved players in the comp.

We are lucky to have him.


Dont understand how the siren can sound 2 seconds after the all clear is given. Time has stopped at the point so it cant sound until after the ball is bounced in the centre (or free kick is paid in the centre)


Yep, same. I was thinking, wtf? did the siren go???


I was directly behind the goals on the second level when Walla kicked it and the siren definitely went off just after he kicked it.