Review Thread: Essendon vs Fark Carlton

Well, fark!

Bellchambers clearly given clean run at threesome with twigs in some weird sex trade deal with Judd


No other explanation for it. Clearly tried to lose us the game.

meh, you get what you accept

Butchered the ball in the first.

■■■■ truck bins up for 3 goals.


Will smash Norf

We will beat North. 

Matthew Watson demonstrated exactly why you select a third tall defender.

We are a schite team to follow. So frustrating as you can see both the talent and the problems. All mental.

Crap game. 


Crap result. 


Crap skills.


Crap effort.


and a farking ■■■■ injury to Bags in the last couple of seconds to top it all off. 


We might have fallen into the finals but we are going nowhere. 

Well, fark!


Sums it up for me too.

should have taken bellchambers out not fantasia, fantasia at least takes the ball fwd.

fumbles and turnovers

Poor decision to not bring in Stein for Myers......

Steinberg omission was retarded.

Can’t believe people are happy with that performance. That was putrid.

Farkinggg hell!!

No killer instinct. Haven't had it for 10 years.

Was critical of belly in the first half, was pretty ordinary. But his second half was reasonable I thought, and his ruckwork allowed ryder to be dangerous in the 2nd

That was rubbish!

Ryder was great. Colyer very good, Dempsey good.  Most of the rest ranged from disappointing to putrid


Team performance as follows:

1st quarter  -10 for poor attitude

2nd quarter +10 for attitude

3rd quarter - 5 for poor attitude once 30 points up

Last quarter - 1 not good enough against a determined foe.

What the fark was that?

I feel even more like ■■■■ because I was saying to my Carlton mate (I know) yesterday that we hadn't had a draw this season yet and it will probably end up being us. FFFFUUUUUCCCCKKKKKK!!!

hope Bomba tears them a new ■■■■■■■ behind closed doors