Review Thread- no finals this season

Big crowd


Playing a major rival

Season on the line

You know the rest


The truth

Zerrett with his highest ever disposal count in his 100th. Future brownlow medallist.

Blokes like him that will keep me hanging onto hope we can one day climb the mountain again.


We struggle on the MCG.

Our skills need a lot of work.

I hope we take our a few Richmond and Port players cannonball style and fark up their finals campaigns.


If the coaching panel don’t come up with a solution to the spare man in defence, then they can all proceed directly to the blitz cannon and get fired into the sun.


Not a good year for us on the G. One win only, against Geelong.


Our gameplan is getting better but we still don’t execute it quick enough.

Turnovers in the middle of the ground hurt as well. Contested possessions were awful.

Heppell is a great captain, but he’s more a do what I do boys as opposed to in your face lets get pumped up and kill em. Today we needed the kill em version. Hooker showed it. No one else really did.

A few too many seniors had terrible moments and some even disappeared for long parts of the game.

Maybe for the first time in a while we were one tall short.

We lost though cause the AFL umpires don’t know what a knee is and what below the knee means. That goal that should’ve been a point.


Must play more at the G. Means bugger all playing other stadiums well if we can’t win at the G.

Lost every match to our traditional rivals this year at the G.

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Played well in patches I thought.

A kick away and everyone is very happy. Hawks got plenty of talent.

Missed a tall forward target. Hawks back line had it easy.


I don’t think I’ve ever seen a team give opposition players such loose checking and tackling in a back 50 in over 30 seasons of football, ESPECIALLY when we have so many players back that we can’t even move the ball forward



I watched the game from top tier and what I noticed is that Hawthorn’s forwards manned up on our defenders when the play was in our forward 50. But when the ball was in Hawthorn’s half the ground their defenders who were sitting back in defence were un-manned. 2-3 of them in row.


Haven’t watched the match, but have seen the final score. Disappointing.

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Put your hand up for a coaching gig.

This is what I think…

We do enough just to make the supporters bullish for next year, every single year. Pump up the membership numbers, have career best pre-seasons, then watch us keep losing when the heat is truly on, every single year. But let’s pat ourselves on the back for another honourable loss and watch Hawthorn/North Melbourne go past us in their rebuilds and play finals. But hey…always next year?

We’ll win our share of exciting games, we’ll have some exciting plays, but another failed year with lots of promises and very little delivering, but always enough to keep everyone thinking “we just need a good run at it…”


Really need senior players to have good games when it’s back to the wall like that.

I don’t think ours did today and so we were 10% off all game.


You know that MCG sized oval we built? Maybe we should actually train on it sometime


Let down by poor team selection with the decision not to play a forward target (Hooker in the absence of Joe and Smack) as well as the usual result when the opposition elects to play the spare man testing coaching abilities once more. Being on the pointy end of the pineapple with some bewildering umpiring non-decisions didn’t help either.

List manager has the unenviable task of deciding who needs to depart at the end of the season. Goddard. Jerret, Bagley, Green, Leuenberger are some of the ones that may need to be nervous.

Goodbye Goddard, McNiece, Jerrett, Long, Leuenberg, Green.

We looked jittery, but maybe we only needed Smack.
But you can’t complain about the state of the game watching the us.
Go Bombers!!!

This was supposed to be our top 4 finals winning season yeah?

How we continually let mediocre teams like Hawthorn pile on 5/6 goals in a row against us when we’re 3 goals up beggers belief, and worries me that a good team like Richmond in the finals would pile on 10 goals Sydney style. We just let teams back in it through mental frailty. I think the club is in the same position as last year, if we’d made finals they’d have just piled on goal after goal exactly like last year and it’d be a disaster. We’ve learnt nothing this year other than “we can beat anyone if we play well”. Yay, welcome to the last 17 years.

Same midfield problems, same issues, same result. But yay for trying!