Review Thread v Adelaide goal machines


But. Adelaide are gonna go close to winning the flag.

I’m going to put down the razor blade until after ANZAC day.

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I know the sky is falling in or whatever, but we were the better team in the second half. Our ball movement was really good.

Obviously the deplorable defensive effort in the first half cost us any chance, though we were still reasonably good offensively during that time.

Pray for a four quarter effort next week.


I have written about 5 different responses and deleted them all. It’s probably not great to post right now


Meh. Next.

We have many battlers

I was hoping we could keep it to about 30 point, but the Crows are just much better than us currently.

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Our older blokes are cooked (Goddard gets a pass for now), our young blokes are exciting as fark.

Hooker back, Hurley on a flank until he regains his confidence. Bring in any kid that plays well in the VFL at the expense of the oldhands.


Don’t post when angry.

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Where the hell was Heppell?


The returning guys looked a step behind tonight - all of them.

This 10 day break is going to do them a well of good.

Ambrose is our best KPD at stopping the best KPF in the opposing team. He must get the best key forward. Hurley is better at playing the 2nd tall and rebounding at the same time.

Lay the fault directly on an under performing midfield, who just can’t get first use of the footy or win clearances.

This WILL improve over the course of the season.


Our linking play through half back, middle & half forward was ■■■■■■ good. Pretty decent conversion once we got it forward
Backline, yikes. Inside midfield, yikes.

And we’re seeing bits of Worsfold’s gameplan now, loves the big switch across the back, loves the little jinking chains of kicks up the middle. Half forwards leading up, space in behind and crumbers sweeping through. Something to like there.

Ambrose good, McGrath good, BJ held us in it in the first, Colyer good, Zerrett good, Hooker worked his way into it, Joey and Langford are developing something.


For years we’ve been carrying players in the team that can’t kick the ball to save themselves.
If we continue playing these guys in our team then we are totally ■■■■■■.
And to add insult they are all slow as well.
Slow and can’t kick equals disaster.


Hard to be enthused. Suspect the Crows got bored and operated on first gear only in the second half.

Tippa, Colyer, Zerrett, McGrath, Goddard and Ambrose (at times) were good.

Hooker, Hurley, Stanton, Watson, and Langford shocking (2 goals and nothing else doesn’t cut it).

Gonna be a long season.

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Match ups were bad at the start. They are a ■■■■■■ good side. McGrath very good, Merret and Joe were great all game.


As bad as the situation appears with the way our players are going, you would also have to say there are grave concerns over the way the players are being coached, prepared, and managed on game day.

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Haven’t watched much of Adelaide then. They don’t ■■■■ around


Zerret, Parish, Colyer, Fantasia, Walla, Mcgrath, Daniher, Hurley, Ambrose and maybe a few others.

Thats the future.

Farewell tour this year for everyone else.

We are going nowhere fast.


Far out you have a chip picking out a 20 year old kid who kicked 2 goals given the ■■■■■ experienced players served up. Langford will play next week, deal with it


Mckenna cant play footy. Two good kicks doesnt make a player. Hurley and hooker both need vfl time. Stants and jobe looked a worry against a very fast running team.
We are soft.
I cannot understand any umpiring decisions at all anymore.
Mcgrath is a beast.
If hurley and hooker can find form we will be a very good side, but still a way off.