Review Thread v Adelaide goal machines


that statement is a lot of crap, about returning plays out on their feet, take a look at McCrath a first year player ,that is subterfuge from John Worsfold


Recalcitrant! Subterfuge!

This is fantastic.


Adelaide are good, but not that good.
To concede 153 points is just embarrassing.
Absolutely 0 defensive pressure / tackling pressure (haven’t witnessed such a shocking display since Matthew Knights era [excluding last year and the end of 2015]).


Flat track bullies. Wait untill we get our suspended players back…wait a minute.


I’m not buying the “Crows took the foot off the pedal in the third and let us back in the game” line, we worked our butts off and forced that momentum shift. We closed gaps, went repeat efforts, hit contests hard, and showed real tenacity.

That quarter will be a huge focus for the coaches this week. Zerrett said enough and got right into the game, Brown was excellent he really hit the half back ball hard and racked up clean possessions in traffic, McG went all Rising Star, Raz tackled with intent and got in faces, Hooker ran hard and broke packs, it was wonderful stuff against the flow. A near complete team effort in turnaround.

Unfortunately they needed cooler heads entering 50, they just rushed the final option, panicked at the final link in the chain, and missed plenty of goal ops. We should’ve really dobbed 6 or 7 that quarter.

But we felt the heat and pace of a strong team and matched it in patches. It’s still the first month of an unpredictable season and there are things we are showing we can do. I’m excited for each game.



Despite getting completely jumped in the 1st half, if we kick 7 instead of 3, we go to 3/4 time just 3 goals & change down, with our dander up, & belief abounding, which would have probably seen a more intense effort in the last.

I’d go so far as to say if we played them again in 10 weeks time at home, we might even reverse the result. I doubt we’d get pantsed in the outset like that again after another 2 or 3 months playing together.

Plenty of positives from the game due to that & the effort in the 3rd qtr for mine. There’s just so much that will improve with game time for the returned, and the team as an entity.


We went in with a plan of having a shootout.

Quite simply Adelaide are a well drilled, more cohesive -seasoned side.

And Jobe has been just ok so far with a few poor turnovers thrown in. When Hepps is stuffed,combined with being slow, well you’re gonna struggle to win the ball.

So we gave Adelaide first use, with the rest of the side set up to attack and not be so defensively minded-and you have a lopsided pressure free half.

The lack of tackles is the weren’t close enough to their opponents or quick enough in the packs to make one!!!

Wonder how a more defensive game plan would have gone?

But Woosha has to balance possibly winning a game with a game plan that won’t be their A game, to continuing to try and get the side to switch on to A game from the start, and I guess the way Adelaide played is EXACTLY what we are looking to produce.


I know it is only early but at least 10 to go at the end of the year.


I don’t think it is all doom and gloom for all negative supporters out there.
Look at Adelaide games in the past for this year.

  1. Home game…Adel def GWS by 56 pts, had 16 more scoring shots than GWS.
  2. Away game…Adel def Haw by 24 pts, had 9 more scoring shots than Haw.
  3. Neutral Home game…Adel def Port by 17 pts, had 2 more scoring shots than Port.
  4. Home game…Adel def Ess by 65 pts, had 10 more scoring shots than us.

GWS suppose to be a top team like Adelaide but look at the score.
Positives for me…second half, our young players in McGrath, Parish, Tippa, Zach, Joe, Fanta,
Langford, and McKenna. Negatives…The return players like Jobe, Hooker, Stanton, Heppell and Hurley haven’t regain their football smarts/skills as yet but look out when they do. Only Colyer has played well. Collingwood will be a good test in where we stand.


I know he is only young and still has a long and fine career ahead of him but Parish does need to clean up his ball use as he coughs it up too easily.


We’ve been badly lacking an intercept marker since Carlise left and Hooker went forward. Hartley was an option but hasn’t backed himself lately with his marking, hence his stint in the twos. Woosha has tried to address it by bringing in Brown with little success.
While Hurley is known to be an excellent reader of the play, taking huge clunk intercept marks has never been his strong suite. I’ve always criticised Ambrose for his lack of marking in general, although lately he’s been better. We need a tall strong imposing backman to help out with the high ball. A mr reliable. Like Hooker used to be…

Last night we didn’t have Hartley to take those marks. We did have Hooker though, so why wasn’t the switch back made with Brown. Highly frustrating!

I think the experiment forward has failed. I think we risk destroying Hookers confidence playing there. It’s time to say Hooker as a forward hasn’t worked and get him back to the AA defender we know he can be. Bring in Stewart and Francis, give them time to build a synergy with Daniher.

Eh…but what do I know…


Guys, our ruck was pantsed, our midfield made to look pedestrian, and all the other sht that happened but we still kicked 13 goals 10…if we straightened up a couple of times that’s 100 in the match against a side that made us pay for each and every fk up.

We just created avenues for goal and this is something we have failed to do when the going gets tough previously. Yes we were smashed, but we didn’t drop our heads and go into our shell like the Essendon of the last 10+ years.

Plus, every ■■■■■■ thing Adelaide did turned to gold and sometimes that happens in footy. Footy gods just weren’t with us. But unlike that shitful game last week, effort wasn’t the issue last night.

Be disappointed in the lack of awareness shown by some, the lack of polish and speed by those previously proven, but I’m going to put my rose coloured glasses on and applaud their efforts for continuing to strive against a side that was up and about.


The only guy I’ve seen outbody Amby consistently as well


Tex is a beast.

Still, after he kicked his 5th goal early in the second quarter I was expecting all the headlines were going to revolve around him kicking 10-12 ala Mark Lecras, so I’m glad we steadied the ship in that regard at least!


Didn’t watch a single minute. Was at a wedding and had no reception

Were we bad, or Crows that much better showing us where we really are especially with a few rusty returning players?


First half both.

2nd half crows eased up and we increased the intensity.

still weren’t good enough.


Crows are really, really good. We could have played that game ten times over and lost all ten.

We are ordinary, but unlike any season I can remember for a long time, we can still kick goals.


All last night showed was why last weeks insipid train wreck of a turdburger was such a bad loss. We aren’t meant to beat Adelaide, but we sure as flaming hell are meant to beat that mob of absolute hack losers from last weeks rotfest of a stink town.


They lost too. That game took a lot out of everyone.


I don’t want to dampen the McGrath and Ambrose hype, because they were awesome, nor am I claiming that Hurls and Bags weren’t terrible, but midfield pressure was clearly the difference. We laid 15 tackles in a half! Of course the best forward line in the comp destroyed us. In the second half we started tackling and holding up their play somewhat all lo and behold their forwards looked less dangerous.
We clearly got our matchups wrong but that wasn’t the biggest issue imo.