Review Thread v Adelaide goal machines


Someone who wasn’t even watching the game agrees with you?



Nah. The Ant says someone his aunt sat next to on the bus reckons we lost the game up forward.


wtf the problem is and always was the fkg midfield, when we needed a big strong contested one we had skinny fast players, when we need ball winning explosiveness we got glaciers. We could’ve made a better attempt at bolstering the midfield instead of getting hbf or hff utilities which means less of lav lang and redman type. Don’t think you pass up on frang though, too much potential to be a gun.



Well said!

That photo someone posted of Luenberger says it all. He was grabbed around the neck from behind while in a ruck contest, and the free given to the bloke doing the strangling. Adelaide got a goal from that.

They were always going to win last night. They didn’t need such obvious aid from the maggots to do so.


Not so sure about that. Backline was utterly horrendous first half. Every ball in for them was a goal.


I think if the midfield is strong enough it can gloss over defence and offence issues rather than the opposite.


99% of the time I’d agree, the second half was certainly won in midfield, both our resurgence and their fight back. The first half was the 1%. Walker torched Hurley, Betts torched Baguley, everyone looked lost. The supply was good but not that good.


Last year the backline held up pretty well despite limited midfield pressure.


and we won 3 games.


What a crap wedding.


I was always okay with losing this one, but the fark carlton loss just ■■■■■■ me off more and more, should be 3-1


How many god damn times did we NOT get holding the ball compared to say them?


Umpiring was average, but to be expected playing interstate with a biased crowd


For those suggesting mcgrath on betts as obviously the starting matchup are kidding themselves. You do not start a 3 game player on the current best small forward in the game and who when retired will be considered one of the best of all time in that position. Unless you are kevin sheedy.


Is this an american swear filter D a m n a swear word?


Frees ended up pretty even. Plus 2 to them 17 - 15. Not sure it was a huge issue, but there were certainly a couple we might have got that we didn’t. The Looney one inparticular.


I didn’t watch the game due to other commitments. Is there any part worth watching?


This site is pretty square compared to previous versions. In fact, that one around the mid 2000’s was fantastic. Could say anything.





my summation.

we suck.

they are good.