Review Thread v GWS - That was hazy good


Saad actually did surprisingly well on a few occasions against the bigger guys.

He’s got a decent spoil on him.


That’s an optimistic view


Basil is horribly ■■■■, isn’t he? There was one point where he said something inane to Richo, who just flat out ignored him. Dead air. It was hilarious.

Anyway, great last quarter. I fully expected to get overrun, but no one forgot why we were in a winning position in the first place, and stuck to their roles and intensity. Brilliant stuff. I’m really looking forward to the Dreamtime game now.


Jesus. Was Neeld putting LSD in the gatorade? How have we turned it around so quickly with the booting of one assistant coach?

That diabolical swine!! AFL plant for sure.


I’m concerned that too many changes at once might bring back the old culture, but I think Hurley has to come back in (but not if he’s going to play like McPhee and look like he’s about to cross the road every time he gets the ball).
I don’t think Parish did anything wrong, we just had to play some kids for long term growth and he was forced out, so I don’t think our team would be worse if he came back.


Just have to say it again. That was ■■■■■■■ good.


I wish it was LSD. Codeine maybe.


Don’t think you want to change too much about a team that’s played like they have for the last two weeks.

I’d even go with no changes.


I wouldn’t recommend watching a North Queensland NRL game then.

THURSTON! was near the ball for a moment…


AFL replay up now


I feel ya, but I can’t get my head around leaving Hurley out when he is fit.

I agree no one deserves to be dropped, maybe Ridley was a bit disappointing and Hurley would be an upgrade.

He shouldn’t be upset by that unless he thinks he is better than Hurley. Maybe Dea gets pushed out if he is Hurley’s understudy.


Just something I noticed last night, and I noticed it in the GWS game last year as well.

I reckon there is some bad blood between Stewart and Tomlinson from their time playing together. He got stuck into Stewart at every possible chance (again, as he did last year) and I noticed a few of our boys went hard at Tomlinson back for a change.

After Tomlinson gave away the 50m penalty that killed the game for them, Smack went very hard at him.

It was good to see the fire in the boys again last night.


Fox footy had it at 5:30 this morning & again either tonight or early tomorrow if you have Fox?


I just love the look of our midfield with ZMerrett, Heppell, Zaharakis, Guelfi, Smith, Langford, Laverde, Stringer, Fantasia etc running through there, ie no Myers. Seriously hope they keep that mix going forward.


Can anyone who was at the game comment on if there was a bit of smoke in the air?

Looked a bit on the tv, but they didn’t mention it.


James Taylor “Bad Blood” Swift stewart


About the tackling.

When you watch zerret especially and the whole team last 2 weeks. They seem to target the player at the contest who hasn’t yet received the footy. So by the time they get there the player is in possession they can 100% commit to the tackle and it’s turnover time.

Last week they were all over Selwood and Ablett.

Then by kicking it quickly instead of 4-5 short backward handballs we can move it on and out of the area.


Thanks. Yes got it.


from article:

  1. Smoky Spotless on the nose
    With two sides desperate for a win the pressure was already high at Spotless Stadium, and when a smoke haze drifted across the ground before half-time, conditions got even tougher for the players. There were reports that a bushfire in Sydney’s west was supposedly to blame and although the smoke was clearly noticeable at the ground, especially in the lights, it didn’t seem to affect the Giants or the Bombers. Fans at the ground used scarves as makeshift masks, while Coniglio’s long-time goal celebration ‘Mask On’ – where he channels his Juventus FC hero Paulo Dybala - probably summed up the situation best.

[There was also a mention that there were burn offs.]


Amazed how he has escaped scrutiny. He is an awful coach.