Review Thread v GWS - That was hazy good


Frodo likes to celebrate a goal.


It’s even funnier when they’re playing Storm, and that C Smith bloke, who can also play a little, gets basically ignored because THURSTON is cleverly doing something.


Kline was too slow to chase him up the ground so Saad peeled off the cover him


Yes Basil, In between finding the most tenuous links to anything possibly Western Australian.
And at least Darcy has stopped calling McGrath the number one draft pick every time he goes near the ball


What on earth?
He appeared to thrash him. Look a little closer, and you’ll see he actually thrashed him. But on a second look, you’ll find he thrashed him.


I think this sums up how we’re all feeling


That or they’re best mates.


That’s the issue with GWS, all class no soul. Pretty hard to play pro sports in such an elite team where no one where you call home cares much about you.


Oh yeah, Langers goal was mint. Played a good game. Looked more assured.


Yeah true.

Didn’t look ‘best matey’ to me, but I didn’t see after the game if they were hugging and grabbing ■■■ or not.


I once watched a mate of mine (6’5”, 115kg playing weight) play against his brother (6’4”, 100kg, only bloke who I’ve ever seen put him on his arse). That’s what Stewart/Tomlinson looked like to me. (As well as D Smith v everyone).


Kline had a poor game

Also, who’s Kline?


DKP drunken posts are top 5 highlights of the match.


DKP looked at the match through Bacardi coloured glasses.


I drunk half a slab, went to the city, picked up a Sheila, lost my phone and just woke up

Boy oh boy wowee


It wasn’t jus t that now, GWS seem to be holding jumpers all night and getting away with it like they were told it wouldn’t be called. In the ruck and around the ball all game.


Fantastic. Do you know where you are?


Classic of the genre.


I went to the city, got picked up by some bloke who was crazily drunk, I stole his phone and just woke up.

Boy oh boy wowee, what a night.


You would’ve hopped in a cab, yeah?