Review Thread v GWS - That was hazy good


I sipped on a few green teas, went to bed, got knocked back by the wife and woke up with 100% charge on my phone.

Still a pretty good night.


Did you throw the leg over?


Yeah right. You stayed up listening to music drinking all the beers and then some whiskey. Same as me.


What a turnaround, hope we can keep this gong, decisions to come starting to look interesting. The other turnaround, what about Blitz, so many threads last week or so making me LAUGH, from where we all collectively were, thats just a huge change in approach and attitude.


You must have been legless.


Farking spellcheck turned Klunk into Kline, and I miss it.

Kline could play cricket OK


But he stole your leg so that makes you even.


Still don’t rate him. Still think his contract extension was idiotic and a fundamental failure by the board / senior management. I still think there is a softness at the club.

I am happy that the players are putting in the effort.

But questions still remain why it took so long for them to try (not look disinterested and let team mates be picked off without a wimper of comradery).

How does a club do a 180 in effectively one week? I struggle to think of another club that has done something like this - look like butter one week, top 4 material the next.

The standard has been set and hopefully it continues, win or lose. Just need effort.


Or indeed, uneven.


Geez that Woosher is a good coach, glad we signed him up for a few more years.

‘* 14 days is a long time in footy


Heppell is now becoming a captain that I am proud of. Doesnt stop, leads from the front, and puts his body on the line.



A part of me hopes she didn’t perform too well so we can see a drunken rant about it.


Basil is superhuman. But no it was fkn bad. Still lingering around today. That probably applies to basil as well.


When is the last time we lead all the way through a game interstate

I’m loving the aggression shown by this team now. Not only in tackling but dumping guys as they kick as well

I don’t know what the hell has clicked in their minds but please keep doing it. That sort of aggression along with the skill that we are showing is more than capable of winning multiple finals


We are suddenly prepared to drop shoulders into guys and put them on their ■■■■ as they dispose. Every time. It is fantastic.


I might be going over the top a little bit I think the past two weeks is the best we have played for more than ten years.

It’s just as much about the brand of footy we are playing as much as the results.

We are playing like a team.


Winner, winner chicken dinner !


What was also impressive was the number of players taking the most important set shot of their career.


In: Kline

Not a downhill skier.


wtf is that avatar