Review Thread v GWS - That was hazy good



this changes something.


He’s the one and only player of SMJ’s p.orno thread.


I agree Mike. I saw a few plays in the carlton game that made me think we were coming back too, As horrendous a loss as it was, there were some signs of things to come. Bagely to the forward line is the move of the season. Interested to know who’s idea that was


I was out last evening and didn’t get to watch. Watched the replay of the second half. Like this business of winning despite the umps efforts and the potatoes willing the opposition on. I don’t expect anything these days but if we somehow get over the tigers and then back that up with another win on the road against the bears it’s very much season rebooted.


I must be mellowing in my dotage.

With the exception of a couple of Langford-related decisions, I wasn’t incensed by either the umpires or the commentary.


We have become a centre clearance machine.


The Giants HAVE to win this one.


So highlights of the game

@westozziebomber picking up

@Heather_Mills taking his phone

@darkknightpheonix posting drunken messages in defiance of the english language

@Paul_Peos getting knocked back by the missus (despite him needing extra large condoms) but getting a 100% charge on the phone

Who gives a fark about the game when the we can discuss the above.


Yeah it was astonishing how much of that they got away with, particularly in the middle. And we kept getting called for it.


We couldn’t get an even break in ruck contests (for holding, pushing out) or in holding in the contest for the ball. McKernan got a couple of non frees paid against him, and I thought the latest overly technical interpretation of shepherding/pushing away from the ball in marking contests included 2 howlers, one to Himmelberg in the last, when he missed narrowly, and one to Stewart, when he kicked into the man on the mark.
It’s the ones that give, or miss, a free shot on goal that really rankle. I thought Tippa was clearly held about 30m out, just after the Langford one, as well.
Otherwise, I didn’t find it too bad (although a loss might have altered my perception).


lucky we have one of the hardest draws for the rest of the year!


Always post these reviews as I always get something out of them. This time, the revelation that Matt Guelfi could be a Loreal employee.


Must have gone well if she’s lent you her phone to brag about it


Was checking out where the hell this Spotless place was. Google maps says it’s 1hr 12m on public transport from Circular Quay. Wha?
All that plus a nice dose of woodsmoke too. Your blood must run red and black. Mine does too, but that’s true dedication above n beyond. Kudos. Hope you had a great night


Got my phone back, left it in the uber and managed to get hold of him, went and collected it hahaha


only downside of the match was that no one knocked that ■■■■■■■ ogre shaw on his ■■■■



The future.

All 4 of those players still have so much more development left in them.

Even if only two kick on we will be so much better for it.


On Sydney public transport, that’s about 200m.


‘just released the ball in time’

ie didn;t dispose of it but didn’t give away a freekick…