Review Thread v GWS - That was hazy good


Well I had a big night and enjoyed the replay even better today. Something about doing the same thing two nights in a row that finally lets you get a bit excited.

Very noticeable that we have changed some things and I wonder which parts were the keys and which were incidental.

  1. Removal of out of form or injured players such as JD and Hurley has helped us create pressure across the ground. Should have been done earlier and should be written in permanent marker. A ‘fresh’ and energetic player is always better in the modern AFL style. Those blokes should also not be rushed in… they are both CLEARLY best 22… but there is no harm in re-introducing them slowly and/or via VFL.
  2. Neeld was clearly an issue on several levels. His departure seemed to have sent the right messages to all that the club won’t stand for it.
  3. Woosha seems to have been more ‘lively’ in the box and far more animated at breaks etc etc. Looks to actually be passionately invested in the outcome rather than a passenger. Very Very happy to see it!
  4. Our game style has done a complete 180. Not just the pressure on the ball but the intent to KEEP IT MOVING at every available opportunity… usually via kicks… doesn’t matter if they are smothered, scrappy, off the deck etc etc… just get it on your boot and keep it moving. Very noticeable and is playing to our strength of speed on the outside rather than trying to get bogged down in a contested arm wrestle!
  5. Heppell seems to ‘get it’ with relation to leading the team and being harder at the ball. Also been ‘getting around’ team mates more and far more vocal on the ground. Far more often he is the ‘first in’ for celebrations etc - MUCH better. I wonder if the ‘Goddard Incident’ happened now whether he would keep jogging backwards - I’d like to think no!
  6. Confidence is a beautiful thing and can transform a team. I think it has shown that the issue is not cattle - not that many of us thought it was. The issues were all around coaching, game style and attitude on the field and all three seem to have changed.

There is absolutely nothing I can fault about our performance… even the intercepted handpass in the middle… I don’t mind it… sometimes it won’t pay off but you have to keep that aggressive mindset.

Oh and Laverde and Langford can both play… and if Myers is ever in this team again I may boil over.

Well done EFC… so happy right now!!


Agree with a lot of the above. The key difference is all attitudinal. It’s the want to compete, and work hard.

It still hurts to say this, but the benchmark is Richmond. It is relentless pressure and attack on the man that we have not shown consistently. I’ve said for a while that we are a good team when we play on our terms, but we don’t like to roll our sleeves up and get our hands dirty.

Cliches aside, I can’t think of a better time to play the Tigers. The last couple of games have been massive improvements, and we have seen how it can rattle decent teams. Now lets compete against the best pressure mob.

No changes for mine … even if Hurley is fit.


Anyone notice the two Ls, in Lav and Lang, combing together quite a lot?


Quality post, cheers.

I really hope we don’t go back to our old predictable ways when Hurley and Daniher come back.

On the surface, after 2 weeks, it seems like Neeld was a major -ve influence on the club. If we continue this run of form then surely there will be a major review as to how to avoid that scenario again. Not just by us but by the AFL and the media etc.

Winning always has a heap of +ves but Langford and Laverde and Guelfi must be absolutely buzzing with confidence right now. Really well played by those guys and well led by Hep Zak Zerret Hooker Bags who have done the heavy lifting.


And when did a jumper become a guernsey. Said more often than he said haze… and that is saying something.


Keep it up boys so proud of them.


What was the Smith hit that was borderline in the review? I couldn’t remember anything that stood out.


You know we’ve been impressive the last few weeks when the media start jumping on the bandwagon


He actually did show some emotion after Zerrett’s terrible handpass to Irish in the middle of the ground was intercepted by a GWS player.


Side that goes from 5 & 7 goal losses to consecutive 6 goal wins has turned a corner.
Wish I had that sort of genius insight.


I’d actually say it’s more “when did a Guernsey become a Jumper”

A guernsey is a type of shirt worn by Australian rules football players. It is typically sleeveless, although long sleeves may also be worn. The word “jumper” is also used to describe a guernsey.[1][2]


Ref 1 …

In the early nineteenth century the term Guernsey shirt arose for ‘a close-fitting woollen sweater, especially one worn by sailors’. During the gold rushes in Australia in the mid nineteenth century, in a specialisation of this sense, the term guernsey was used to describe a kind of shirt worn by goldminers:

1852 F. Lancelot Australia as it Is: The usual male attire is a pair of common slop trowsers, a blue guernsey … a broad-brimmed cabbage-tree hat.

In a further specialisation in Australian English, the term guernsey has been used since the 1860s to refer to a football jumper, especially as worn by a player of Australian Rules football:

1868 Geelong Advertiser 21 September: Ample evidence of a desperate struggle was afforded by the style in which they limped off the ground, some covered with nothing in the shape of a guernsey but rags, and some wanting even these.

From the football meaning there arose in the early 20th century the phrase to get a guernsey or be given a guernsey, meaning to win selection for a sporting team. In a widening of this sense, the phrase came to mean ‘to win selection, recognition, approbation’, and is commonly used in non-sporting contexts:

1957 D. Whitington Treasure upon Earth: The executive won’t give me a guernsey for the Senate.

2014 Border Mail (Albury & Wodonga): The diverse range includes some films that ordinarily would be unlikely to get a guernsey outside our capital cities.


“Roosy” won’t be held accountable if we haven’t.




I haven’t heard one commentator say that picking up Smith was good for our defence and midfield yet.

They widely said we picked up unaccountable players.


Lid from the media would be fully off if Essendon knock off the Tiges


Neither have I

But the only footy media I ever encounter is when people quote them here for the LOLs.


Probably. If it did happen hopefully we don’t start drinking our own bath water and flop against Brisbane. Personally, I’d be pretty annoyed by many of them talking us up as they can go get farked.


If we beat the tigers… the media lid will be somewhere near Neptune!

To think we would be 5-5 had we beat Fark Carlton… still makes me cringe.

Even with two good wins… we are still 2 games out of the 8 with plenty of heavy hitters on the run home. So the odds of finals are still not in our favour… but 3 good wins beats 3 bad losses every time!!

*Also WTF North?!! Surely not… they might be a team that possibly falls away?


I Nearly have throat back to normal after last nights game cos of “We Are Essendon” chants & the bush fire smoke

Hey GWS how does it feel to be out sung / outdone by a smaller (only just) bunch of loyal vocal and diehard Bombers supporters
I know you’re only new to this AFL thing but trying to lift your team in a must win home game is a no brainer that even people from western Sydney can do. I was born & raised there which is why I can comment
I never thought it was possible to encounter supporters more ignorant than Shitney but congrats you’ve done it
You three soft ■■■■■ near us at the northern end goals who slunk away ten mins into the last quarter know who you are!!

Really looking forward to see what happens when your “gift wrapped golden generation”
are cherry picked by our club & others (Dev is obviously thriving at a club that has existed since 1872 rather than one created by Gil & Vlad) maybe he had a chat to a few team mates last night to come on over or was he just pointing at the scoreboard?
Will your 10,000 members hang around to bottom up? I think not Sydney folks are notoriously fickle and do not stand by to back their teams.
My eldest son was an inaugural GWS member in 2012 but since then I’ve actively discouraged anyone to support the AFL for obvious reasons while I’ve stood by my club under siege that I’ve suppprted for 43 years

If your looks of disdain towards us in red & black going absolutely ballistic at the final siren last night “it’s only a win” well maybe you should go find something else to have a passing interest in
Yeah it was more than four points for us against every maggot decision / no decision was paid against us & we fought an arm wrestle then over ran your high draft pick manufactured team. Proved that a team will beat a team of champions any day

Great night for us long suffering NSW supporters (yeah I hear ya WOB) to enjoy with the interstaters
We even had a supporter pop a shoulder clapping Bags first goal but like a true Bomber he lasted the game
Thanks mini grog squad for the chants - best reason ever to leave the kids at home :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:
“ you’re from the ■■■■ part of Sydney”

Great win Bombers bring on the Premiers


who is umpire number 7

the replay does them no favours, is deadset looking at the langford hold from 10 metres away with a clear view when it happens

he saw it and let it go

Who is he and how do we get him fired because he’s ■■■■■■■ terrible at his job