Review Thread v GWS - That was hazy good


You kind of get sick of talking about umpiring but that was deadset a shocker. And the camera shows the umpire looking directly at it… the jumper gets fully extended out… and he flaps his hands to play on?? Strange decision… literally nowhere to hide… not ducking/contentious/in the flow of play etc…


Jumper has always been a guernsey.


@wasaharvsfanasakid, given the ground holds 24,000 and a large part of it was closed and the rest of the bays sparsely populated, what percent of the nominal 10,789 tickets were given away for free and no one actually turned up?


I trot out the “horizontal gravity” line at umps ignoring jumper holds quite often.


Maybe a troll…jsut syain (No offense intended DKP)


@barnz isn’t this umpire your favorite?


deadset bin juicer


It was Giants members’ day. Every Giants member was given four free tickets to the game.


Hey, remember when that Neeld guy used to be an employee? Remind me what happened after he left?


We can thank Dan Richardson he got Neeld sacked.


Lots. Woman out the front giving away 18 GE tickets because they hadn’t fronted.


trouble is he is all class


Missed 6 weeks with a groin and played a blinder in his first game back

What a player


So since 1862… got It!


EFC - very funny!!


Yeah, … so like, always.


If we had beaten FC, we would have lost the last 2 games. It was the loss we had to have.


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The greatest of all time! :joy:


Sorry, what? You insinuating all clubs have turned their season around in 1 week from losing to the bottom ranked team to looking like a top 4 team? And I completely disregard top teams tanking a game or two.