Review Thread v Hawks - Season over


We = poohs


Eagerly anticipating the coaches video after this one :no_mouth:

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The 10 of our blokes who turned up did ok and really worked hard. Everyone else were caca

not going to bother this week, get the same answers that we have had the last 3 weeks, sounding like a broken record now.

can i get an apology now from stander or whatever the ■■■■ his name is, and all the other pathetically delusion people who crapped on about how it’s only early season ??

or do i have to wait til rd 15 til they owe us all an apology for yet again BEING WRONG ??


Actually I thought we were ok
up to half time we matched up well
it was that 3rd qtr when (by my count) they got 10/3 free kicks including 1 50m and 2 directly in front of goal and 1 other free in their half that also resulted in a free kick
who can coach against that


I was so appalled at that third quarter, I left at three quarter time. There were more Hawthorn people on the train than Essendon people, thats how bad it was.

Yeah we are done.

Playing stodgy, slow football and we never seem to have our forwards actually forward.

That said, we were the better team for a half but continually failed to capitalise.

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Worst part about this is we had had them on toast in the second quarter but couldn’t put any scoreboard distance on

Then dropped our collective bundle in the 3Q and threw the game away

Play 4 quarters FFS
And also learn to kick/handball to each other. Not kick / handball to someone whose about to be closed down.

More excitement watching the magoos now, might do that instead.

thats stander2 to you buddy…

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Woosha “We learned a lot from this today. I was really happy with our first quarter and the last quarter”. We will be a great Club soon…just wait it out please…ok"

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What the hell is happening with our 3rd qtrs

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Its sad that everyone picked this at half time

Of the Dawks total score, 70 plus points were scored from turnovers. 61 clangers (Dons) were 50% more than the Dawks. Opposition Coaches only need to say to their players “Don’t worry, lads. This mob have woeful skills. They will turn it over repeatedly and we will score from their infinite mistakes”. We also over-possessed the ball, with too many hospital handballs to players under pressure. We had 60 more handballs than the Dawks. Again, this has been a constant trend.

At the end of the day, our ‘game plan’ to launch attacks from defense through chains, inability to work through a defensive zone with run and skills and zero forward pressure (and a complete inability to score from forward stoppages) are the reasons we lost the game. The Caracella blueprint is how all the good sides are playing and winning footy this year. Our Coaches are stubborn and persisting with a flawed game plan. Hence, the results remain the same. 5th loss to a non-finallist from 2017. FFS. We are the easiest side to coach against in the comp.


That Daniher gets a game every week shows how farked this Club is.


if i new how to tag him I would. I want an apology from everyone who has been wrong.

I truly believe for the remainder of the season, and we won’t be playing finals, we should be called ESSINGTON .

I reckon clubs know to turn rhe screws in the 3rd and they’ll get us easy.

Umps in tge third were giving them everything too, which didn’t help our cause