Review Thread vs Eagles 2023 - How the west was won (by 50 points)

Not after he’s been suspended


I dare say he’s got the Crichton sewn up already.

We called him Lucy.

If you’re a nerd, you’ll know

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If we are playing two rucks I’d prefer Bryan over Phillips.


Satisfied with the win as it was another game where we showed we’re getting harder to play against.

Good to see us creating a couple of coast-to-coast goals instead a flood of them against us.

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Definitely shows more on the ground and is not an absolute liability in the ruck.
I’d tend to agree.

I thought he was ordinary. Could have clunked a few but for his soft hands.

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Wasnt really a fan of us being patient with kicks i thought that played into west coast hands which gave them time to flood the middle and forward line.

Hawks last week run and gun with hands and kept the ball moving foward at all costs which didnt give the eagles a chance to set up defensively

we look almost scared to take the game on tonight

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Methodical, boring, controlled professional win.

Those words could not be anymore sexier for me


He was good around ground and battled in the ruck. What more did the coaches want from him?

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Against west coast tho

There was definitely a far greater spread of players starting in the centre square. For the first 5 games we basically had the same 4 players but with only Zac still fit we have had to spread the load a lot.

The Blitz coaches or the real coaches?

We just need to bank wins. Knock off North and then Carlton is the big one. Win that, head to the bye 8-5 and get Wright and Parish back thereafter and have selection pressure from the likes of Tsatas, Cox, Reid, Setterfield etc.


He’s routinely getting big numbers in the VFL. Not sure how much more he can learn there. He needs to be thrown in to the big time, I reckon. He’s not going to dominate from day 1 of course, but the step up will be good for him.


Unfortunately he’s no chance thanks to a sling tackle


It was nice to come out of it with a percentage booster, no injuries and midfield experience to Hobbs. I’ll take that anyday, even if I’ll never bother to watch the replay coz nothing overly exciting happened.


Yep. Could not be more happy. This isn’t a game to over analyse. Won contested footy by 25. Win contested marks by 11. Won tackle count. Won 1% ers. They did what professional teams do. This is as consistent a week to week year side since maybe 2013/14


he had 6 possies, same as tippa. lets’ hope if bryan gets the ass for " not being ready or up to it" other players who get similar numbers against ■■■■ quality opposition get similar treatment.

If we play 2 rucks he plays ahead of Phillips every day of the week