Review thread vs Port — urgh

The Saints was our worst loss of the year

Until today.
The worst part is most of us knew the outcome at about the 10 minute mark when Port kicked the first of many for the day out their clacker.
We were lazy from the opening minutes and simply refused to run, chase or man up.
The Hooker starting forward move was a debacle unfortunately and we just had too many players who had stinkers


Someone in the preview thread tried to claim Hinkley had lost the players… a week after Port had just lost by a point to a team battling for top 4… they were always a real shot today…

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Worst aspect was the half hearted start to the game … yet again.
Very slow learners at Essendon.

Francis and Snelling, maybe Hartley were ok. Axe the rest

Pretty much.

Somebody was going to get hold of us soon, today was that day.

Be interesting how we respond to this.

I’d also like to look up just how many goals we’ve leaked since Hurley went down in the North game, because suddenly our defence is bog ordinary


That’s why I want Hartley playing ruck. Clarke WILL get smashed. Hartley MIGHT. I’ll take option 2.


You could almost guarantee Essendon were going to start slow. Think the coaches would be on to it? Nope, obviously not.

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Duursma is a c ock head



If we make the finals it’s going to be another embarrassing first round exist. Imagine playing the crows again in Adelaide under finals pressure.

  • Lack of a decent ruck is the biggest problem. Should have tried to nab someone in the mid season draft. Anyone would have been better than ZClarke.
  • No Heppell, i.e a good contested ball winner is hurting us. Bring in Myers.
  • No McKernan. Cant believe I miss this guy.
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It’s not just Hurley. Pretty sure Hooker hurt something in his back in that North game as well. That’s why our defence looks ordinary now.

No ruck was available after the bin chickens got the only decent one.


Gone a q time don’t play Clarke again rather we play with 21 don’t worry to much about playing. Finals we will be knocked out first round would look at playing a few first gamers between now and round 23, we need to look at next year and beyond

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We were picked apart.
Hinkley had done his home work. We had nothing to counter it.


Won 5 in a row without playing great football

We were due

off the back of 2 interstate trips

6 day break

No Heppell Hurley Smack Joe Smith Parish etc

Need to jag one of the next 3

Looking unlikely


I think I saw a stat which says basically the teams with the least injuries are usually top 4. Our high end talent missing was always going to catch up with us.


Don’t think they’re that good and don’t think we’re that bad. That just kind of snowballed.

Still doesn’t really fill me with a whole lot of confidence though.


Hello darkness my old friend.


We are a pretty good team at full strength,we’re pretty average with so many out.why is everyone going nuts?hought redman and Francis were really good today.just looking for positives and the bigger someone called for Ambrose to be dropped this week,really?


Please, if we had a first year player kick a checkside from the boundary to put us five goals up away from home, we’d be all for the celebration. Farking embarrassing day