Review vs Dees - Melk and Hibberd vindication

That was terrible.

Joe cost us the game. He kicks straight and we kick clear earlier


Same old Essington of the last 15 years. Face it, we’ve become Richmond. Perpetually stuck in a hole we can’t climb out of.


Our midfield is slow and gets caught out on transition. When you are that way, you’d want to be very skilled by foot in order to reduce turnovers; we are not.

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So ■■■■■■■ disappointing. Went full essington. Zaka, and McKenna need to go, Watson looks a bit off the pace too

Not sure about costing us the game, I think our disposal and decision making did that. But yeah, Joey was awful today, not just the missed shots at goal but the awful AWFUL decision making. And he wasn’t on his own. Stupid decisions hurt us all day. It’s amazing our defence stood up as well as they did.


In the end we lost comfortably to an average side.


You can’t blame one player same as you can’t rely on one player. We need a good balanced team to go forward.

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Didn’t realise our midfield was so ■■■■. I don’t think there are many midfields that we are better than TBH.

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Petracca would eat his own excrement and enjoy it.


Hi Essington

They were pretty flat today

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Goodbye Essington…Hello rebuild.

I’d rather no intensity Langford playing in the midfield than give any more games to Zaharakis.


I really don’t even know where to begin, that was putrid.

Same old issues, ridiculous turnovers caused by bad decision making, stupid unclean handballs to players under pressure.

Always kicking to outnumbered contests going forward. Can’t stick tackles, can’t escape tackles. We always let them handball in circles until they get it clear, when we do it we turn it over.

Learn the basics, tackling, shepherding, handballs, kicking…why do we make the game so damn difficult.

I wait all week to watch the footy…I don’t deserve this, noone deserves this.

This week’s funny story - my partner had a friend over, half way through the third quarter, I’d been yelling less than normal my partner says “it’s ok hunny, I’m sure Liz won’t mind if you swear at the umpires”, I respond with “it’s not the umpires I want to swear at, it’s just a given that they will be ■■■■, it’s the team that’s surprisingly bad”.


We clearly lack a player of the type that is Craig Bird. I’ve said this about ten times today, but I’ll say it again. Defensive minded mid, good disposal, high avg tackle count.

short break was perfect time to play him, but what do we get, avg mc kenna, avg mc gleeson, and Howlett

None of these 3 warranted a selection over Bird imo.

There was a little bit of bad luck in having no Kelly and no Ambrose, really really showed.

Kelly is an incredibly good player and really important to our structure, which is very good and very worrying for next year

I have a crazy solution which isn’t that crazy

Put Heppell back

Play Hepps off HB again where he played his best footy. Need him there, bring Bird in to midfield with Hocking so we can rotate some grunt through there. We need to bring some physical hurt as we keep getting run over the top of.


Essington alive and well


Harsh on Daniher, he kicks 3 or 4 for the game and we probably still lose but he’d be best on ground, had 13 marks, 19 disposals and was good around the ground


If we’re looking to Craig Bird to cure us of our woes we are in for a rude shock. Would not be opposed to him being given a game but he is an honest toiler.


It’s painful that we are still so farkin sh*t.

Stick a fork in this season, build for the next couple.

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Daniher kicks 3 or 4 of those goals and we put scoreboard pressure on the Dees. That 3rd quarter may have never eventuated.

It might be controversial, but JD’s goalkicking performance cost us the game today. His inaccuracy was bound to hurt us eventually. Today it did.