Review vs Dees - Melk and Hibberd vindication

This is going to be an up and down year, always was. There will be games where we look absolutely sensational and then there will be games of utter tripe and nothing will change that.

The start of the season was always going to be about the coaching panel finding out how the players mix together and who can adjust to the new game plan after the introduction of 10 essentially new players (apart from the drafted players). Who is going to be worth persisting with and who needs to be dumped at seasons end.

Just accept that and it makes it easier to a degree (losing is never easy tbh). This was never about finals imo, it was about the rebuilding a devastated side and a push forward in a new direction.

In some of the wins we have seen plenty to be excited about: Parish, Fanta, Green, etc and in some of the losses the obvious holes that we have (midfield is still a problem).


I question how an extra night of recovery would have helped the lads.

Would make a difference I reckon, a lot of injuries you get in footy aren’t really reportable ones but they have an effect.

Definitely don’t think we’ll look this flat ever again this season, at least not with an excuse like they have (Coach hanging them out to dry with bad selections)

The thing about the loss is I expected it, I’m not even disappointed, just acceptance of the fact we’re not that good.

And that makes me sad and angry.


It really took a whole 22 man effort to serve this kind of Essington performance up

It had everything from Joey spraying til’ the early morn’, and Irishman making clangers til the early morn’, two of your best mids having 24 touches between them. All it was missing was Watts kicking 10 and it was complete.


Reckon I have heard this for the last 15 years.

Perhaps today was Essendon and ANZAC day was Essington?

Maybe but I doubt we were gonna hold on, I’m happy to accept being cooked​ from ANZAC day as really hampering the skills and run of the boys and want to see how we turn it around against Freo before giving up on the team.

His goal kicking was bad but it was just one of those days, his shots were all pretty tough and you can blame a bunch of easy misses from other players as reasons they ran over us as well

A like is just not enough.

Exceptional post.

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I think I could count on my hand how many dees fans turned up today


However few there might have been they certainly made more noise than us.

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I’m going to hold off on an opinion on the short turnaround from Anzac Day excuse to see if the pies stay in front of geelong, or get run over by 15 goals.

I didn’t even hear them after a goal

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Mid-to-late 2015 style flat performance. Yeah, had Joe kicked a few we would have been in it for longer, but their ball movement was way better than ours all day - even when they were turning it over in the first half.

Clearly the instruction is to take the game on and go for the dangerous kick into the corridor, but you can’t fkn do that if the whole team is totally stagnant.


End if round 23 woosha pulls off a mask to reveal KNIGHTA


Was at a gymnastics competition with the jnr diggers’ so didn’t see the game however, I did meet a bloke there who was an Essendon fan and was watching the game on his phone. Early second quarter and I believe Essendon were up by 3 points. How long after this stage did Essington turn up?

Fking this
Melbourne were pretty much average for the whole game bar the 20 minutes where we were disgustingly putrid

Honestly one of the worse losses I have seen

Don’t even know where to begin.

What’s is this draft like for a Jobe 2012 replacement?

I could count on my hands how many times we hit a target going forward.


Ha ha ha, fkn good ol’ Bi Polar Blitz… We win, … it’s all good & how far, … we lose, it’s “Burn the place down” “Rebuild” “Throw it in we’re shitt”

Never mind that it’s a work in progress, and as we move fwd & players learn to work together better, while others get fitter & their touch back, . there is every possibility we click in the 2nd half of the season and come home like a train with a wet sail.

That said, there is sure some work to do. Ok resume panic …


Whole game. It just happened that melbourne were also trash for the first half. Seriously, the first half was some of the worst football you’ll ever see, from both teams.


It was full on Essington mode all day. Melbourne was even worse in the first half but then they turned up.


Really flat performance but still a better feeling than the last four years. I can cope with an inconsistent or even bog average season - our next tilt comes from the youth on our list - who have been most of our better players this year. The rebuild began when Ryder was traded - plenty of good young talent on the list and more to come from the next two drafts at least. Midfielders must be a priority and I think they will be along with targeting young midfielders already in the system.

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