Review vs Dogs

Finals a minimum no exceptions

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I don’t agree personally.

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Sack Rutten

Really really disappointing second half. Unfortunately a very familiar feeling this time of the year. Boys were right in until those run of bs frees to them early in the third seemed to just take the sting right out of us.

In saying that. It’s still been a successful year. This team looks committed and on the same page for the first time in a long time and I’m not gonna be all doom and gloom after that. I really do believe this is the beginning of something special for this club.



Draper was excellent


Skase re. I expect no less than a prelim appearance.


Love it @TeeBee :laughing: sounds like something David Brent would say.

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dont you mean the first half was even…the 3rd was the umpires and the last was the dogs


Reality is thats where we are at as a team, I think we have a good base to build on next year, trade well and draft well we should push into the top 6. Its just a disappointing way to finish


When will the Davey bros be ready?

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Well, another finals loss! Who could have predicted that?

I had some decent expectations today, but this was quickly shot when it started raining. Why must we always suck in the wet!?

Ridley played well.


We weren’t expected to make finals at all but we did.

We didn’t win it but they got a taste of what is needed.

Wet weather doesn’t suit our game plan at all. We don’t train for these kind of conditions, however the wet weather does expose the weakness in indiviual skills.

Last year end of season review threw up some surprises and hopefully the changes that need to be made this time will happen again.


Walla was fit and ready to go. They thrashed him at training and he passed all the tests. He wanted to play and was ready.

We needed a small forward who can kick goals from half chances. Walla was that man.


Meh, we will never know what a dry day might have brought.

But when I look at Dylan Shiel I dont see an Essendon player.

I just see Dylan Shiel.


See 2009.
See 2011.
See 2017.

First proper year under each coach, fell into the 8, and smashed.

Nothing ever changes.

I don’t ever want us to make the finals again from 7th or 8th again.


Do you think it would help if we sent them a Christmas Hamper each? How can you not get a free kick when someone is holding your foot?

Not the reason we lost but boy did it give them the start of their run.

Well, that was diarrhetic.

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Yep. Lots to look forward to next year.


On a positive note my Sunday arvos are free again.