Rhys Palmer has a Very Bad Weekend



Just heard this on the radio, must have been off his gourd…


It’s a very dangerous thing to do. I’ve been trying to think of reasonable grounds to hurls one’s shoes during a harness race and unless he was convinced George W Bush was in the contest, I’m not sure he will be able to provide a suitable excuse.


Not surprisingly he missed the target





@Begbie, that is a genuinely funny line. Unlike R Palmer, you nailed it.


Every year in the 80’s and 90’s it seemed as if during the WACA test, when things got a little slow or the Windies over rate got typically sluggish, without fail a channel 9 camera would pan across to Gloucester Park and show a few horses pre-race. Cue someone like Ian Chappell saying the same thing year on year, describing the track and launching into some story.


What a moron.


You lay off Ian Chappell.


There’s absolutely nothing wrong with being into baseball, therefore baseball history and a proclivity for wearing baseball non-collared shirts which gives one the appearance of a vicar. There’s also nothing wrong with fronting up to Beefy Botham in a carpark like a schoolboy. Bit rich on Chappelli methinks.


It’s possible Nino was talking about Palmer. Or the horse in question. Or even the shoe.

From what a mate has said, Rhyce is not afraid of a Friday night that lasts until about 11AM Monday morning.


Was talking about Palmer


Dude got some reflexes


Yep. Fair play to George W on his evasion skillz.


Palmer, Cousins, Kerr, Chick…


That first dodge was probably the most impressive thing Bush did during his entire presidency


I so wish it had caught him flush.


I knew full well he was, fair play Nino didn’t take the bait. I don’t mind Chappelli but he is a bit of a moron. As for Palmer, that’s a dumb ■■■■ moron thing to do.


Cheats on seats, lucky it was a shoe and nothing else.
Rhys must of got a dud tip