Rhys Palmer has a Very Bad Weekend


If his Instagram is anything to go by pretty sure Palmer rolls with some of Cuzzies more . . . colourful mates.
I didn’t have any opinion of him (Palmer) during his playing days but a few incidents/stories since make me question him a bit.


Palmer, Cousins, Kerr, Chick and Mainwaring were all drafted from the East Fremantle Football Club. It made me wonder about club culture and coincidence.


I recall George W also has a decent baseball throw. Threw a good one at one of those baseball events where most others fark it up.


would he throw his boots at sandals?


‘Former footballer’? Huh, life comes at you fast, I didnt even realise he’d been delisted.

Another prime recruitment move by Carlton picking this guy up, I’m bet there was no more productive way they could possibly have used that list spot…


If you’re him that’s preferable to “current shoe thrower Rhys Palmer”.


I heard he hit it laces up…



Merda! That’s no good.


Spleen removed and now in an induced coma.


Had his partner on the bike when some moron ran through them in an intersection.


I understand that he was involved in a collision but the story I read didn’t apportion blame to the driver of the vehicle. Can you link the article you read?


The former Fremantle and Carlton player was riding in Perth last night with his partner on the back of the bike when they were hit at an intersection.

“The club is of the understanding that Rhys was driving the motorbike and was not to blame for the accident,” the statement said.

“It must be noted that the accident was not related to any of the events of the previous 48 hours.”


That’s no good.
I’ve always been tempted to pick up a 2 wheeler but tend to not trust other road users enough to have gone through with it.


Edit: nonsensical post. Mea culpa.


Horrible news. Hope he pulls through.


Be pretty hard to ride with one shoe


Not your best work.


Hope what I’ve heard is not true. Heard he’s not expected to pull through


Of course I hope Rhys is fine, but that is maybe a little different to what’s been bandied around here, it sounded like he will be okay even after the induced coma. Wonder WTF brought on the shoe throwing incident? What a bizarre weekend for him.