Richmond def Essington Turnoverfest at the G: Review Thread

Worst game ever

We were only in it as they couldn’t kick straight

We couldn’t get enough chances on goal as kept turning it over

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Cotchin in an Essendon Jumper says it all

Forward pressure was non existant. Simply walked out of our 50 and they kept it at their end. Couldn’t hit a target to our advantage. Handballs to players under pressure, handballs to knees or behind.

Plenty of players looked complacent tonight. Changes will be made.


Farkity fark farkit




What was wrong with Tippa? Never seen him do less.

This was my big concern with Stewart. I don’t know what he can do to work himself into a high pressure game like this. He’s good on the end of a good midfield chain but they are hard to come by and doubly so in finals.

Get the ■■■■■■■ cannon ready for Colyer and Hooker. Jesus Christ.


Take it off

I don’t know who turned his kicking around at the start of 2015, but he needs to go talk to that person again.


That was ■■■■■■■ disgusting. I’m unbelievably mad. The only thing that’s made me happy was Cotchin couldn’t get into Hep’s jumper.

Hartley, McKenna and Bellchambers are VFL players.

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Nope. Just a bad night, and played a team that had their backs against the wall.

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One of the stupidist kicks I’ve seen in a while I reckon.

Didn’t get the points but hopefully we bounce back next week. Go bombers


Tippa and Raz didn’t look to have their usual zip tonight. Could have won it at the end but nobody stood up. Stewart needs to work out how to keep his man behind him. Hooker needs to go back.

Mentally soft team full of plodders. Those who don’t want Dusty can get farked!
We have the slowest and worst midfield in the comp and you don’t want to bring in a gun.
We ain’t playing finals so play the kids


Woosha wasn’t kidding when he said the team struggles with forward 50 entries.

71-42 , it’s all about repeat inside 50 entries these days and we are playing like the azzurri at the world cup. soaking up pressure hoping to score on a rare counterattack.


Just when you even start to think Essington is dead, the same ■■■■ that has been dished out for 15 years comes up.

Richmond didn’t win that game, we lost it.

Now to complete the mind ■■■■ watch us knock off GWS next week.


This was always going to happen. We played brilliantly for the last two weeks and we were due to fall apart. As a team we are not at any level of consistency so you are going to have a topsy-turvy season. Expecting anything more than that is silly and an overinflation of this year as a side.

There are no real excuses for such terrible turnovers but it happens in some games. Most players had a shocker tonight so maybe collectively they were just mentally off? It happens…and it happens to sides who are still building.

I have watched most Bulldogs games this year and they look horrible in some games, rela turnover merchants. We aren’t even close to them skill wise yet so there is still positives to take out of the season so far.



No excuses tonight.

Our structure went to water, our forward pressure disappeared, our decision making was horrendous, Hooker had his worst game ever.

Worst loss in 3 years.