Rioli - Tiwi zone

No. Dean was better. He just loved turtle too much.


All Riolis are good, Cyril is my favourite, but Daniel will be a gun.

They all should be Bombers.


Sign all the Rioli’s, Longs and TIPPAS”s.

Merry Christmas to all.

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When a Rioli walks into a club, a premiership happens within a year or 2. Fact.


Maurice jnr has moved down to board at Scotch. Can be nominated by Richmond, Freo, and Essendon (via academy zone).
Tigers to lose, but there’s 3 years to turn his head. Get the club onto Uncle Dean.


Do we know anything about his family?

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Get a Rioli to your club and win a premiership with 24 months.


Essendon: I lead with Tiwi Islands Academy zone .
Freo: I raise you 150 games in the WAFL.
Richmond: I raise you with Father Son and Daniel.
Essendon:. I raise you Jake Long and Tippa, Uncle Dean, spongy floors and $$$$…

Who has the strongest hand ?

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Not sure the relevance of $$$$ there. Freo and Richmond are just as wealthy

The relevance is that the one with the weaker hand in other respects might use $$$$ to sway the selection.

I dont think the WAFL connection is strong enough. Surely Richmond and Essendon would have to be in a stronger position in terms of tribal / family connections.?



You’d be ropeable if you had a father son option and the player got swindled out from your grasp via the newly formed indigenous academies.

Make it so.

Hopefully he barracked for EFC as a kid & wants to play for us.


Richmond have had more than enough wins lately. It’s our time!

We need Jake to come on and break into the team if we are using him to secure Rioli.

Essendon: offer Culture…Dreamtime game, spongy floors, Tippa, and can draft another Rioli via the Tiwi zone to help with home sickness.

We are zero chance.

Nothing to do with us though… all about Richmond being 100% where he will want to go.

He is richmonds to lose.

They are huge South Fremantle fans and there is a strong connection there. Obviously that might not translate to Fremantle though.

My belief is F/S eligibility should trump Academy eligibility - After all the Academy system is new and may not be around in say 20 years time, while the F/S will stay forever.

One trumping the other is irrelevant. The player has to choose where he wants to go, if any of them.
Even if he’s eligible for just one he can still choose not to go there. Like Marc Murphy


From what I was led to believe last year, I’ll be watching this space very closely indeed…