RIP, Doc Reid

EFC’s longtime Doctor ( and a man who wouldn’t be pushed around by the AFL ) Dr Bruce Reid has taken leave from the club indefinitely after being diagnosed with mesothelioma.

See the EFC website for more information.

A genuinely great Essendon man, get well soon Doc.


that’s awful, get well soon Bruce!

That’s no good. Hopefully he tells that mesothelioma to go and get farked.


Damn you.
Get behind the doc

Get well Doc.

Fark Cancer

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Horrible disease, it took my uncle many years ago.

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Bad news. hes done so much for the club. and sounds like a great guy as well. heres hoping he beats the sh*t out of that disease. Get well soon Doc!

Tom Browne just tweeted that Essendon are dealing with a serious illness to a well-loved volunteer. Is Doc a volunteer or is it someone else or Browne just off the mark?
P.S Hope Doc Reid pulls through

That is really terrible news. What a great man he has been for the club.

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Meso is really not good news.



■■■■ :frowning:

Hopefully he tells meso to fark right off in the same way he told Fat Andy, Gill the Dill and the AwFuL in general to fark right off.


Bless you Doc Reid…dreadful dreadful news. :pray:


I have never met you Doc Reid . But somehow i know who you are, what you stand for , and what a giant of a man you are. Always there for our boys and there families ,always with our boys best interest at heart. at this time our thoughts and prayers are with you and your family. Stay strong and try to kick this bloodie thing in the guts … We are with you Red & Black all the way.


Shocking news. Meso sounds terminal according to a quick google. We know he is a fighter though

Awful news… very sad. :frowning:

In my prayers. Wishing the Doc and his family all the best in tough times.


Oh ■■■■.

Dreadful news. Hopefully he got lucky and found it very very very very early. In the terrible world of cancer, this is one that you REALLY don’t want.

Get well, Doc

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