RIP Stargazer

it's with great sadness that I write this post.  Mary (better known to us as Stargazer or "Starry") passed away last week.


I have many fond memories of Mary. On our first meeting, at a game at the G, the first thing she did was apologise for having called me "Koala Man" on Blitz!  Turns out she wasn't alone in thinking I was male :P


Mary had a great passion for Essendon and I was amazed at her knowledge and recall of information.  She used to talk about how as a little kid she had bad asthma, and her father would sit up with her during the night, and instead of reading her books he'd tell her Essendon stories! She met up with my Dad and I for lunch one time, and I just sat back and listened to the two of them chatting away, including discussing the line ups for the 62 and 65 Grand Final sides!


Donna, Mary and I had a terrific trip to Sydney one year; we lost the game, but made our way back to the pub we were staying at (the infamous Strand Hotel for others who have been on these trips!), and proceeded to have a few drinkies til the wee small hours of the morning.  Had some random Blitzers join us along the way - they'd read on Blitz where we were going to be and decided to drop in!


Mary was also the reason for me becoming a Melbourne Victory member.  I'd mentioned to Mary how much I disliked not being able to get a sports fix in the off season, and she suggested I come along with her to see "this new Melbourne team".  Eight years later I'm still heading along.


Mary was not one to hold back on her opinion, and I admired the forthright way she would enter into a robust discussion with people.  She joined me when I interviewed Simon Madden for Blitz, and she and Simon chatted away for ages after we'd finished - she had a way of being able to draw people out, and an infectious laugh!


She was a very special lady and will be sadly missed by many.  My heartfelt condolences to her family.


Mary's funeral will be next Wednesday morning at Tobin Brothers Chapel at 1382 High Street, Malvern (corner of Jordan Street).

My sincere condolences to friends and family.

Thanks for the news Carla. Very sad. The Bomberblitz matriarch for many years. Condolences to family and friends.

We had some clashes, but agreed on some things also.. all in all , we shared the same passion. Terrible to hear.

That’s really sad news. Condolences to all family and friends.

Thanks for telling us, but that news sucks.

Starry was a legend. She will be dearly missed.

Condolences to Perce and the rest of the family.

Sad news.... condolences to Starry's family & friends

Geez. That's not good.


Pity her last thoughts of the Mighty Bombers would have been soured by the current goings on.

I knew she wasn't well, but this comes as a great shock. She was one of the originals, here, and I suspect in life. Great passion for the club, and of course for the star she would gaze upon - one James Hird. Sad news.

That is very sad news, loved Stary. R.I.P

Will be missed on here.


Didn't know her outside of this site but she was a big character here.


Condolences to the family.

That is very sad.  Stargazer was one of the truly decent people of Bomberblitz.

A great poster on Blitz in her time, that truly is sad news,


Condolences to family and friends. 

Sad news.


Condolences to her family.

Thoughts and prayers to Perc and the rest of her family.

Thanks Starry for sharing some of yourself with us on Blitz.

I'm going to miss talking to Mary. One of our original Blitzers. She knew so much about our beloved Bombers, I could sit and listen to her memories for hours.


In fact I used too. 


You can guarantee she is still watching the boys from wherever she is now though. Of that I am certain.


My absolute heartfelt condolences to Perce and all the family.

I'll miss her.

That is sad news. I only knew her through her posts on Bomberblitz, but she came across as a real character and I was always interested in what she had to say.
Condolences to her friends and family.

That’s so sad. RIP. I’ll miss her posts, they oozed passion.

This is not good news at all. She was a quality poster on this site and shared a wealth of historical knowledge about this fine club. It's a shame she passed on without knowing the outcome of all this turmoil. RIP Starry.