RIP Stargazer

That's very sad news - did not know Mary personally but always enjoyed reading her recollections and points of view here on Blitz.


My condolences to her family & friends.

RIP Starry

RIP Starry. And condolences to her family and Perce.

Wow. Very sad news as I have read many of her posts in the past.

It’s strange how you develop a connection to people that don’t even know you exist on here.

Condolences to all her family and friends.

RIP Starry, you were the first to respond to my very infrequent posts.

Oh that is very sad to hear. 


Starry was a great contributor to this site and will be greatly missed. 

Not going to pretend I knew her at all, but it's obvious that she touched a lot of lives who are truly grateful for knowing her.

Loss is never easy, so R.I.P to her, and peace to all her friends here,

That's very sad news. She was an important part of this site and will be missed.


I wish Perce and the rest of her family all the best.

That is really sad news. Loved my various interactions with her on this site - her love for the game and the club was obvious and infectious. She was the type that keeps many of us coming back. Many condolences to her family & friends.

Being caught up in the rage I only just saw this thread.

I am shocked & greatly saddened to hear this awful news.

I had wondered why I hadn't seen her on Blitz for a while.


A massive jolt of reality which makes all this current saga pale away.

This is a timely reminder to us all to cherish what we have & stop taking it for granted.


I knew Mary from the "old days". She was at the forefront of Blitz Activism & a very warm lovely lady.


Sincere condolences to Perc & family.


RIP Mary . . . . .hope you meet up with BomberJohn

Very sad to hear but I hope that those close to her gain some solace from the warm tributes posted here. Is it possible to acknowledge her immense contribution somehow? Just an idea having read tributes to her knowledge of the club, perhaps the club history forum could be named in her honour?

Sad news losing someone from the Blitz 'family'

Hopefully a peaceful passing

You'll be missed but not forgotten

Vale to a good Essendon person.


A good reminder that we're all in this together, just one big extended family. We already knew things aren't ever going to be the same going forward, and now we've lost a good Blitzer on top of everything else.


Bombers till we die.... not just a figure of speech!

I had wondered why the shining Star hadn’t posted in recent times :frowning:

Condolences to her friends &family

I remember Starry!! This is terribly sad. She always put in a massive passion and effort in her posts and will be missed RIP Starry

Sad news. RIP Stargazer

Sad news.... condolences to Starry's family & friends

She was a feisty one and you could tell  how passionate she was  about her bombers .


A true bomber i would have loved to have been with her in the outer at vic park in the past.


i also love the history of our great club and enjoyed all her posting  especially all the grand finals she had attended.


RIP fellow  bomber lover.

Terrible, terrible news :(   RIP

I knew she wasn't well, but this comes as a great shock. She was one of the originals, here, and I suspect in life. Great passion for the club, and of course for the star she would gaze upon - one James Hird. Sad news.

She also posted frequently on the old BomberTalk as well. :(