RMIT & EFC Partnership

Hoping I put this in the right area.

Something I’m incredibly excited about, and hats off to the exec who made it happen.

Partnering with RMIT in community, innovation & enterprise is a pretty amazing feat - and as far as I’m aware, a first in the AFL industry. Providing learning opportunities to players, staff and students, while striving to innovate and textiles and sports fitness is pretty great.

I truly believe this is another significant chapter for our club.


That’s fabulous, thanks for posting. :slightly_smiling_face:

I love the new directions from the club. It’s great to see that we’re thinking outside the box.

Really great sign that institutions like this arent shying away from partnering with us.

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But, but…DRUGS. But really, well done to all those involved, good to see new initiatives coming out of the club so regularly.

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We are leading the way, as it should be.


Sounds like a good initiative, but an overload of management speak in the media release and short on explanations of how it will function.
Any chance of making the partnership agreement publicly available ( redacted for any commercial in confidence matters) ?


Please Universities have no scruples.

Super initiative…

Another leap forward in the redevelopment of our brand. That makes the third such step since the last season. One of the most pleasing aspects in of all of this is the direction we are moving forward. The club is not standing still but going leaps and bounds in new directions, and all of them are positive in their outlook for the club. I am very excited about this development.


Don’t they know that LaTrobe Uni have the David Myers building? Think of the synergy


But RMIT’s logo is red & black and their football team are the Mighty Redbacks!

(Not why we chose RMIT, but certainly a happy outcome) :smiley:


Ushering in an educationally experimental environment.

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The AFL just needs to ban pokies from clubs and compensate with a greater share of tv revenue.


But yes this uni partnership sounds great. not sure why it needs to be tied to removing gambling revenue??


I presume Essendon will be incorporated into the curriculum as a sample business for the students to do assignments on.

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I spent a nice evening this week at the Melton Club; having a few drinks, nice meal and playing the pokies.

It is a good club that looks afters its Members and does nice things for the local community; it would fold without poker machine revenue.

If you don’t like them then don’t play them, but don’t spoil my fun.


You can play bridge and bingo.
Melt them down and make a giant metal Bomber statue to put out the front of the HPC.

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It’s a pretty good sign.
Our logo could be a little bigger.

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governance & management


ha - but in truth, that whole episode would make an excellent case study on the dos and don’ts in governance, management, recruitment, black ops, crisis management etc.

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