Rnd15 Port Melb vs Essendon VFL 06Jul24

Sounds as if Lual was just result of being able to put one over the Dogs, so let’s do it. I haven’t heard any good reports on him yet.

He played well last week but I don’t see it i would be much happier to sign foley as a ssp as a Heppell replacement

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My summary from watching yesterday

-Archie Roberts was Bog with 32 touches and a goal. Looks to be the perfect Hepp replacement
-Tsatas looked much better as an inside mid. He had 30 and 6 tackles. His kicks from clearances all were decent.
-Setterfield 22 and 2 goals looked a class above.
-Hobbs struggled a bit but still had 21.
-Both Daveys and Menzie kicked 2 each. But none screamed pick me in the AFL.
-Bryan dominated the ruck with 50 hit outs and 20 posies.
-Wanganeen playing much better off half back had 20. He’s uses the ball really well most of the time.
-Hayes plays like someone who could be a general down back for many years. Should be ready to step up for Lav next year if Reid and Baldwin can’t overcome their injury issues.
-Lual struggled on Billy Gowers. After getting plenty of it last week they clearly wanted to test his defensive capabilities on a very good VFL medium forward. Whilst he was well beaten I think it’s great that they are developing different aspects of his game.
-Visentini kicked 2 and looks to have great forward craft for a ruckman. Definitely plays key forward better than the 3 other rucks on our list.

So a very decent hit out. Amazing what a difference having a relatively fit squad does to the VFL depth


Cheers for the summaries! Hopefully we can keep all the decent VFL players next year (plus bring in a few more) and stop turning the list over every season.


100%! It feels like the VFL squad have needed half the season just to get to know each other and look to be building some decent chemistry. I hope we can keep at least 80% of the squad here as it would help massively next season.


No. Missed our chance.

He’s a youngster in his first season. Dominated last week, struggled this week. We were lacking height in defence and he got a bad match-up that possibly knocked his confidence.

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Drop punts spinning as they should?
Saw one of his clearances that floated about 40 m

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Thought the person in the front row on the left hand side was Caldwell.

I was just thinking we must be due another VFL bye soon. It’s been a hot minute.

Sure enough, we have one in two week’s time lol.

It suck’s so bad this is why it would be so much better with a national reserve comp


Imagine how well Munkara would be going in the VFL team this year now we have a midfield of Hobbs, Tsatas & Setterfield + Hatley, last year was starting to show something in that bog average team.

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In the words of @ivan, I didn’t know this was a thing. Interested in previous weeks now.