Road to Finals - for all teams

Agree with you!

But like @theDJR said, a few results need to go our way. One or two upsets.

Looking at the draw - I think Swans have a chance against the Dees. Swans have been decent, and Melbourne played Saturday night and weren’t arriving back in Brisbane until 3am Sunday. Then they were travelling up to Cairns (for a Thursday game). Essentially a 4 day break. Not ideal.

Also would like to see FarkCarlton upset GWS this week.

Hawks upsetting the Saints next round would be great too.

If we win 3 out of our next 4 we will make it.

Order of games I’m most confident of winning:

  1. Melbourne
  2. West Coast
  3. Port
  4. Geelong

It’s very difficult to grade the games in order of winability.
We don’t know which players will be available/rested for us and our opposition.

Certainly, Melbourne are the weaker, more inconsistent team out of the 4.
As for the other 3, they will all finish in the Top 5, and disposed of us easily last year.

If we can get our midfield all playing well together (this hasn’t happened all year), we are a chance with some winning forwards.

Why are you doing this to yourself.

WC, Port and Geelong will probably be 10 goal losses.


Yeah i am not expecting finals.

That being said the team is on the improve. It was a weak hawthorn team, but the way we came back at them was really impressive…

Will be good to see how we start against Westcoast. Quality side, but also one that ■■■■■ the bed a little away from home.

So should be a great arm wrestle if we are on our game.

Would be a real shame to go down in a close one tomorrow night, that would end our season.

I am hoping for a win, I can more easily handle a reality check from Geelong the week after which might officially consign us to 9th or 10th later. The cats look the goods this year imo for the flag.

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Or Hawthorn is tanking…

I have us winning all our games and finishing fifth, and dropping one and finishing ninth.

I don’t mean to be a negative Nelly, but season’s farked.
For the same reason it is every year.
The way we wanted to play was more important than winning games.


In my attempt to make the 8 we need to win every game

Bris/Port/Tigers/Cats are my top 4.

Saints the one at most risk of missing out (that’s currently in the 8).

But in reality none of the ~4-5 sides fighting for 7 and 8 are in any way trustworthy or reliable so it’s generally pretty hard to make a case for them with any certainty. I think the Giants and Dees will probably get in.

Would be rather different if umps could identify people staging for free kicks :frowning:


Short clip from Richmond’s training session.

giphy (1)


Didn’t look like a tank, but yeah not reading an awful lot into our second half…

It was good enough to run with any of the top 8 sides though. That was an as impressive turnaround as you get.

Using the logic of “how can this team possibly torture me any more”, I reckon we will win against Eagles & Cats, drop the Port game, then in a winner plays finals game against Melbourne, narrowly lose and finish 9th.


I gave up on our season after the loss to GWS, we’re not going to get enough wins. Those close losses against Blues and GWS and not beating GC will be haunting.

Reckon we get only 1 more win for the remaining games. Yes, I’m being a negative Nelly.

Won’t lose another game all year. Hawthorn was the start of an 8 game winning streak culminating in winning the flag. You’ll see.


Yep, we were 6 goals down at 1/2 time to the 15th placed side and now we are going to supposedly win our last 4 in a row.
Just as likely to go 0-4 IMO


I just want to see the players get the system. If we show progress on that front. It will allay the fears for next year.

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Great opportunity to tank without anyone realising/caring…

Realistically, the Flag is a race between the current Top 5.

On behalf of Blitz collectively, I’ve decided the most palatable Premier is the West Coast Eagles {shut up WOB}.

Now, hang on a second, hear me out.
Geelong…sick of them, just decline already…far out.
Hope they sht their pants in Finals again, Danger yet again doesn’t make it to a GF, and Selwood gets his head ripped off (with no free).
Brisbane…okay, don’t mind Fagan, but couldn’t stand the "oh look they rebuilt and went past us, f
ck you Essington" posts.
No,no,no…serve me up another course of “straight sets”.
Port Power…no, just NO

Yep, my logic is clear and irrefutable.
It has to be the Eagles.
It’s the best of a bad situation.

{I said shut up WOB}

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Reckon it’s going to be between Brisbane and Richmond (again!!). They look the best of the lot, especially if the GF is going to be played in Queensland.