I am just about angry and disillusioned enough to support this.


Faark Ross. You’d all want to see what he could do this year, but problem is they would more than likely give him a 3 year contract at minimum, and we’d be spewing he had 2 years to run in 11.5 months time.


How do you explain his last 4 years then?

This group of pea-hearts would probably chuck a hissy fit the first time Ross even gave them a greasy let alone a genuine spray with both barrels. Let him sort the wheat from the chaff.

Virtually all the genuinely good players Ross has coached couldn’t speak higher of him, and he has taken two absolute basketcase clubs with significant internal problems to Grandfinals.

I don’t give a ■■■■ about whether he would put certain players offside, or whip out a boring gamestyle, or ■■■■ our list in 5 years time. We need a circuit breaker, an outsider who can come in, call a spade a spade and blow the cobwebs of mediocrity out of our club.


Imagine what he’d do to Zaharakis. Stint in the VFL coming up. He did it to better players than him over the journey…


Dal Santo

All in their prime is a star studded list


Bring him in, bring anyone in that’s not jw

If Ross was announced as coach on Tuesday morning, I’d expect Zaharakis to ask for a trade by Tuesday arvo.


Drawing a pretty long bow calling Gilbert and King stars. The rest I’ll give you…


Gilbert. lol



Robert Eddy
Zac Dawson
Andrew McQualter
Raph Clarke
Clint Jones
Brett Peake
Steve Baker


That’s the list I wanted to see.
None of those guys deserve to be anywhere near a Grand Final. Ross got more out the bottom end of the list than most other coaches.


Not saying they are all stars but all very good players

Gilbert was one of the better half backs in his prime

3rd in their B&F in 2010

If he is going to turn this club into unrelenting, hard to beat, and professional club, which turns poor players into useful competitive role players… then we could do a lot worse.

We need someone that will turn the culture of this club on its head…

Now Excuse me while I dry reach.

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I’m all for hiring him as I know it’ll ruin his career.


Essendon, Devourer of careers.


I’m a 100% advocate (and supporter) of Ross coming in. I don’t necessarily think Woosha is a bad coach, but I don’t think he’s overtly tough enough. It’s time for a coach that is tough as ■■■■. I’ve said this on here before but through the pursuit of the ultimate price, Ross has probably put a few noses out of joint - that mightn’t have sat with some players who don’t like tough love - but he’s a career coach. He might have a game style that can be dour or whatever, but you can’t question his record. A 52.45% winning record at Freo and 64.96% record at St Kilda. Effectively a 49% chance of winning a final. That’s hardly a poor record. Would we hire or consider him? Probably not, but we absolutely should.

He’s exactly what we need. Totally uncompromising. I have absolutely no doubt that he would shake the players and club up across literally all levels. I mean, the whole club is in absolute farking denial about what drives a high performing culture at the club - which is high standards - across all levels of the club board. Hearing Hurley say “we’ll learn from that.” And then Fantasia to say “this year has been a success.” I mean, are the players farking connected with reality? What happened last night was not some sort of aberration, it’s been happening all year but we’ve managed to mask our entrenched weaknesses at different points of the season. I attend most games throughout the year and to me, they just don’t work hard enough. They refuse to run two ways long enough and hard enough consistently. They turn up to some games thinking it’ll just happen. They refuse to put their bodies on the line consistently. That tells me that the training standards are no where near the level required to compete consistently (see you, Justin). It’s not uncommon for our players to act outside of the game plan and are more concerned about individual performances. And players don’t seem to demand enough from themselves. If they do, it’s non-existent in games. I’m not suggesting that all the things that I think are wrong with Essendon can be fixed by Ross (or any other coach), but he demands high standards of his players and complete adherence to team structures and game style. He actually lives and breathes it. Something we need. He wouldn’t stand for half the ■■■■ that has been dished up throughout the year. Our players would do well being subjected to the spray that Ross gave to Sheridan. It’s not for everybody, but it’s a proven method to work. Take responsibility for your performance which I don’t think we do. If we did, we’d perform far better in finals than our previous efforts.



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Ross is ■■■■■■■ ■■■■■ and you dumb ■■■■■ will have a ■■■■■■■ hissy over his boring style of footy going ‘woosha at least had some entertaining games’.

woosha is nothing more than knighta 2.0. but ross the boss is anti-footy.