Round 1 - Essendon v Hawthorn


Surely Ambrose gets Gunstan?


Yes, that was my point


How can Hocking be underdone? Hasn't he just done about 24 months of pre-season?

Or did he get injured recently?


Just guessing on the basis that he only played limited jlt time


I know Hurley did very well on Roughy in 2015, particularly in the Rd.2 win, but I think he's ideally suited to Gunstan.
Ambrose can body up on Roughead, and Harts is ideal for Vickory.

Gleeson for Sicily (probably).
Bags takes 1 of Poppy or Rioli, but who takes the other (Kelly) ?

I think I'd just like to see McKenna in the team !


I think Jerret might be worth a try as a defensive matchup for Rioli (instead of Bags).


Yep I think this is going to happen also

Fridge didn't perform in last JLT, Lav got injured, Hooker will be short of a gallop & JD only just getting back up to scratch.

Having 3 smalls buzzing around the 3 talls, and Stewart pinch hitting in ruck regularly when SMack goes to bench leaving Hooker playing from square and JD around HFF ideal.



Would take Dea over any of the small/medium defenders people are naming.


you do if your Walla


Seriously, how can anyone think Travis Colyer isn't best 22. The guy is one of our most important and damaging players.
He's a lock every bloody week.


The guys not playing JLT have and will play VFL practice matches. I doubt his fitness is a concern.


I can't farkin believe Heppell isn't considered best 22! WTF????? OUTRAGEOUS!!!!!!!


After about 3 weeks straight of no rain and hot weather it'll fk down next Saturday night and winter will blow in early.


Bring on june, what 1 win in the last 5 junes?


Fletch doing a farewell lap before the game so hopefully the march gets us there with plenty of time. Hope there is a huge turnout for him


I respect the fact that he likes Walla...

But I'm still going to call him Tippa.


quality troll


I would have thought Dea was the perfect match up for Sicily.


Actually, I agree with that.

Who does Gleeson pick up ?
He can't play on Poppy, as he'd be grabbing him too high every time Poppy touches it.